Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 236

Chapter 236 Whenever she met this man, he would always look clean and handsome, but there was actually a light stubble around his lips now.

They were not very close. They were just collaboration partners, but he had stayed by her side in the hospital last night. While she thought about it, Duke walked out of the ward. Adina looked away and took out her phone to call Alden.

–“Hello, Mom, are you awake?”

Alden‘s obedient and mature voice did not sound out of the ordinary on the other end of the line. Adina wore a gentle smile and said, “I‘ll be discharged soon. Wait for me at home for about half an hour. I‘ll send you to preschool.” “Mom, you can rest in the hospital for a little longer. I can take Mel to preschool,” Alden said obediently. “We‘ll take Bus 13 to preschool, and we can get off after five stops. It‘ll only take ten minutes. Don‘t worry, Mom.”

Adina secretly sighed.

If she were a responsible mother who was not too busy with her work, would Alden be so mature?

Her children were born without a father, and she was constantly busy with work. Compared with other children, Alden and Melody really had an unfortunate childhood. Suddenly, Adina recalled that middle–aged man she had met on the cruise last night! That man could precisely tell her what happened that night five years ago. He was the person who ruined her back then!

That beast!

That demon!

They met again five years later, and he tried to do the same thing again! Adina closed her eyes and slowly said, “Alden, you and Mel have to be careful. I‘ll go and pick you up in the evening.” After she hung up, her expression became cold. She had to discover the identity of the man who had ruined her. Alden, took Melody along to board Bus 13. One of them looked like a noble prince from a fairy tale, while the other looked like a princess who had run away from a rich family, As soon as they got on the bus, they attracted the passengers‘ attention. A middle–aged man approached them with candy. “Kids, are you two alone? Where are your parents?”

Alden held Melody‘s hand tightly and responded indifferently. “Why are you asking?» “You‘re so young, and it‘s very dangerous for you to take the bus alone. Where would you like to go? I can send you there, okay?” The uncle handed over the candy before he raised his arm and suddenly reached out toward Melody‘s fair and gentle face. Alden held Melody‘s hand and avoided the man. His eyes were filled with disdain. “How dare you touch my sister?!” 

The man was terrified by the coldness that Alden‘s eyes emanated. “I‘m just worried that kids like you are going to be tricked. You‘ve misunderstood my good intentions.” The man kept grumbling as he sat back in his seat. Alden‘s eyes were filled with coldness. His sister was too pretty, so people always targeted her. Luckily, Melody was not responsive to her surroundings. She just stared out the window blankly with her big eyes. After five stations, they arrived at their preschool. Alden got off the bus with Melody before they entered the preschool. “Alden, Melody, you came on your own today? Why are you so amazing?” Ms. Jones led the kids inside, and as they walked, she said, “If your mother‘s not free to send you over, just give me a call. I‘ll go and pick you up next time.”

Ava was so fond of these two children that she would be willing to pick them up every day free of charge. Once the three of them disappeared from the entrance, a sports car stopped in front of the preschool. The car door was pushed open, and Dew stepped out of the car.

She walked in straight away and went to the dean‘s office. She had personally come to go through the procedures for Harold‘s admission and withdrawal. The dean knew that she was very close to the Winters family, so he promptly received her with the utmost respect.