Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 235

Chapter 235

Alden hung up before he walked over with a calm expression.

“Mel, I‘ll help you wash up.” Melody obediently extended her hand and allowed her brother to take her upstairs. Alden helped Melody brush her teeth and wash her face. He turned on the water for her so that she could take a bath on her own. He also hung a towel by the door, where she could reach when she extended her arm.

Five minutes later, Melody stepped out of the bathroom.

Her skin was so fair that it shone, as though she had just taken a milk bath. Meanwhile, her · eyes were so bright and clear like they had been washed with water.

Alden walked over and dried her hair.

The little girl sat by the bed and slowly lowered her head. After a while, she fell asleep. She lay down sideways on the bed. Alden covered her with a blanket and switched off the light before he gently walked out of the room. As soon as he went back to his room, the calmness on his face disappeared. He appeared cold, deep in thought, and worried.

If Melody did not need company, he would have rushed to the hospital. He tapped on the keyboard with his long fingers and hacked into the hospital‘s surveillance.

When he saw that Adina had indeed only undergone a gastric lavage, he finally sighed in relief.

He stared at Duke‘s face in the surveillance, and his emotions were complicated.

This man was their biological father. Melody had a strong attachment to this man, and he used to long for a father‘s love too.

How great would it be if this man did not have other kids? Then, he would let his mom be with this man.


Alden‘s eyes were filled with disappointment. He sat on the balcony with his laptop. Under the dim yellow light, his expression was serious and focused

Early in the morning, Adina slowly opened her eyes. The light was off in the ward, so it was quite dim. The moment she opened her eyes, she did not know where she was.

“You‘re awake?”

She heard a familiar deep and low voice. Adina instantly became less dazed. The memory of last night instantly filled her mind, and she suddenly sat up straight.

Aside from feeling slightly weak, she did not feel uncomfortable at all. Thanks to that, her nerves quickly eased up. “Where are we?”

As soon as she spoke, she realized that her voice was extremely hoarse. Duke poured a glass of water and handed it to her. “You‘ve been in the hospital since last night. I‘ll get the doctor to come and examine you later. If you‘re fine, you can be discharged.”

Adina was shocked. She did not go home last night, so Alden had to be feeling worked up. She pulled the blanket away and tried to get out of bed. Duke seemed to know what she was thinking, so he calmly said, “I already told Alden about your condition. He knows that you‘re in the hospital.” Adina paused for a while before she pursed her lips and said, “Thank you.” She thanked him for not doing anything to her given yesterday‘s circumstances, and he even sent her to the hospital She also thanked this man for accompanying her in the hospital for a night and for explaining things to Alden. “You saved Harold, and I saved you. We‘re even.” Duke stood up and stoically said, “I‘ll call the doctor over.” Adina stared at his face and felt quite conflicted.