Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 230

Chapter 230 It should nottake that long to go to the restroom. “Duke, you better go and look for Adina. If you‘re late, you‘ll mess it up!” Trent gestured dramatically with his hands. Duke looked at him coldly, “What did you do?”

“I made a glass of wine for Ms. Daugherty. I added something good into the wine.” Trent flashed him an ambiguous smile. “It‘s a booster that you can‘t even buy with money. I‘ve done you a great favor. How are you going to thank me?” Duke‘s gaze instantly turned dark.

He took the wine glass that Adina had drunk from and smelled it. His expression soon changed.

He poured the wine on Trent‘s face before he turned around, pulled open the door, and walked out.

“Hey! Are you insane?” Trent immediately wiped the wine off his face. “Eilam, has he lost his mind? I put so much effort into helping him, but he dared to do this to me. What the heck?!”

Eilam rolled his eyes. “Can‘t you see that Duke‘s pursuing Ms. Daugherty seriously? Now that you‘ve done this, it looks like Duke set Ms. Daugherty up. Maybe he could have been successful tonight, but after this, Duke and Ms. Daugherty definitely won‘t get together.” Trent was stunned. “Do I still have time to run away?”

The drug had taken effect, and Adina had seemingly lost all her strength.

The man blocked her way and even grabbed her wrist.

Worse still, this man was actually the man who had defiled her five years ago.

In other words, he was Alden and Melody‘s father.

Adina felt disgusted and nauseous. He had ruined her life the night she turned eighteen. As a result, she hated the children‘s father very much.

She raised her arm and slapped him with all her might.

Slap! The clear sound of the hit traveled over the bobbing waves. The man did not expect her to have the strength to slap him despite being in such a condition. He was so angry that his complexion turned blue,

He instantly grabbed Adina‘s wrist and spoke in a cold, intense tone. “Don‘t you just want to hook up with a rich man on the cruise since you‘re this drunk? You did this five years ago, and you‘re doing the same thing five years later! Since you‘re so gorg !!s, I‘ll turn a blind eye to how many men have slept with you all these years!” The man maintained his grip on Adina‘s wrist and dragged her into the private room at the


Right then, a tall and straight figure appeared on the other end of the corridor. As soon as he showed up, the temperature in the corridor instantly dropped more than ten degrees. It was as if winter had suddenly arrived. “Let go of her.”

Duke slowly walked over. His expression was cold, intense, stern, and ruthless, just like a demon from hell.

Adina saw a savior.

She had initially held her breath as she planned to sneak an attack on the man once he stopped paying attention.

But she breathed out at that moment.

For some reason, she was completely sure that Duke would not let anything happen to her even though the two of them were not very close “Ahh, Mr. Winters.” That man narrowed his eyes. “We‘ve met once in Central City: Do you still remember me?”

Duke scoffed. “Why would I have to remember a nobody?”

He was rude, and his voice was filled with sarcasm. The man‘s expression turned colder. No matter what, he still held some power in Central City, but he had been insulted in such a manner. Before he could say anything, Duke walked over. He extended his strong arm and pulled Adina into his arms. Duke glared at the man. “If you have the audacity to long for things that don‘t belong to you, you can forget about staying in Sea City.” He supported Adina as he turned around and left.