Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 221

Chapter 221 

Melody had been different from other children since birth. People always said that daughters were sweethearts, but Melody was not the affectionate type. She never cried or made a fuss, and she rarely asked for a hug.

This was the first time that Melody had taken the initiative to climb on Adina over the past



Naturally, her daughter was more important than another person’s child. Adina carried Melody and softly asked, “Mel, what’s wrong?”

The little girl hugged Adina’s neck without answering.

Duke walked over and softly said, “I’m sorry. I wasn’t paying attention.”

Adina narrowed her eyes. “What happened?”

“Aunt Adina, that witch bullied Mel!” Harold said angrily. “Luckily, I responded quickly. I shielded Mel, or else, Mel’s face would have been swollen!”

He stood up straight, feeling proud. “I’m a man, and I’m her brother. I said I would protect Mel. Aren’t I amazing, Aunt Adina?”


Adina stroked his head. “Thank you, Harold.”

She was smiling, but her eyes were cold. She had thought of letting Melody be around Duke more, but how could she still have such thoughts when a certain time bomb named Dew was around there? Melody was only four years old, yet Dew hurt her. Dew’s heart was indeed as vicious and twisted as it used to be. “This won’t happen again.” Duke pursed his lips. “Let’s sit down and eat.”

Adina looked down.

Today would be the last time.


She would not bring her children over again. She could not expose her children to Dew. After the four of them took their seats, Alden nonchalantly asked, “Where’s Harold’s brother? Isn’t he going to eat with us?”

“I called Young Master George an hour ago, and he mentioned that he would come back later. I’ll ask him again.” Mr. Brown then turned around to make the call.

George had packed his documents. Just as he was about to go home, Mr. Brown called him. “Young Master, Ms. Adina Daugherty is here. How long will it take you to come home?”

George was stunned. “Papa Brown, you’re saying there’s a guest in the Winters family villa today, and the guest is Adina?”

Mr. Brown smiled and said, “The master and your brother invited Ms. Adina Daugherty for

lunch in the Winters family. They’re waiting for you at the moment. How long will it take


George put his briefcase on the office desk again, and his voice was indifferent:””I still haven’t finished one of my projects, so I’m not going back. You folks can enjoy your food.”. After he hung up, his gaze turned profound. He would face that woman after he figured out how he felt about her. The Winters family enjoyed a nice lunch. Harold had just recovered, and after lunch, he fell asleep in Mr. Brown’s arms. “Ms. Daugherty, let me send you home,” Duke said indifferently. Adina had not driven over, and they were quite far from the Daugherty family home, so she did not turn Duke down. She took her children into Duke’s car, and Alden sat in the backseat before he blurted out,, Uncle Duke, is Harold’s brother very busy?” Was he so busy that he could not even come back for lunch?

















Duke nodded. “I gave him a company. He needs to handle everything there, so he is quite busy.”



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Alden remained silent. George was the same age as him, but George was already managing a company while he was still studying in preschool.