Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 218

Chapter 218 

Dew had heard the sounds of a piano before her car stopped. There was only one piano in the Winters family villa, and it was the one she had bought. Who was touching her piano?

Dew pushed the car door open, got out, and quickly walked to the living room’s entrance. She glanced around the main door and the living room before seeing a pink figure sitting in front of the piano. The figure looked exactly like Adina. How could that b*tch’s daughter play her piano? Before Dew realized it, she had already rushed into the living room and pushed Melody away. Melody was playing the piano. Her fingers swept over the keys quickly, and she was so close…. so close to figuring out which part had gone wrong. But at that moment, a strong breeze blew over. It completely lifted her. One second she was sitting on the high bench, and the next, she had unexpectedly fallen. The bench was for adults, so it was tall. When Melody hit the ground, she screamed in pain. “You little b*stard! How dare you touch my piano?!”

Dew was livid.

When she saw Melody’s face that resembled Adina’s, she instantly recalled her terrible childhood memories. Since Adina looked prettier than her from a young age, no matter which school they attended, Adina would always be the most beautiful girl in the school. Meanwhile, she would always be the sister of the most beautiful girl! It had been many years, and she had managed to suppress her anger, but this little b*stard just brought it all back.

Dew raised her arm angrily and tried to slap Melody without mercy. “Mel, get away!” Harold was completely shocked by the situation.

He never thought that Dew would have the guts to behave atrociously in the Winters family villa.

By the time he snapped out of it, Melody had already fallen to the floor, and Dew was raising her arm.

His mind instantly became blank, so he could only rush over and hold Melody in his arms.


A loud slap was delivered to Harold’s face.

The clear sound resonated in the living room. Dew suddenly became sober as if she had been struck by lightning

What had she done? She had slapped Harold! When Duke opened the door of his study and went downstairs, he witnessed the situation

His eyes were filled with contempt. He slowly walked down the stairs and emanated a cold aura. “I’m sorry, Harold. I didn’t do it on purpose.” Dew’s voice was shaking When Harold was little, she could pinch him whenever she wanted. She did not have to fear anything

But ever since Harold started to understand things, she never hurt him at all.

She was extremely afraid of doing that because Duke cared about the boys too much

Dew’s hand trembled as she tried to touch Harold’s red and swollen cheek

The moment she extended her arm, Harold bit her. “You foul witch! You’re a winch! Get out of my house right now! Get out!”

He pushed Dew away with all his might. Melody pulled him over before she stroked his face with her gentle hand. Harold instantly calmed. He held Melody’s hand and felt a little lucky Fortunately, it was not Mel who had gotten slapped. If her delicate pink face had been slapped, he would make Dew pay the price one hundredfold.

Meanwhile, Dew knew that she had made a terrible mistake.

She should not have rushed in so recklessly

She should not have hurt the little b*stard. She should not have slapped Harold.

As she raised her head, she saw Duke walking down the stairs slowly, and she became incredibly frightened.

She blinked, and her tears instantly fell. “Duke, I really didn’t do it on purpose. I never wanted to hurt Harold. I never wanted to..”

“So, who did you want to hurt?” Duke walked over, and disdain filled his voice.