Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 215

Chapter 215 Dew was furious. 

She was the young masters’ mother in the Winters family. She was the future mistress of the Winters family. How could Adina replace her and stand beside Duke? Why was she the one being kicked out?

“Ms. Daugherty, the young master has just recovered, so he can’t go through an emotional episode. Please leave for now.” Mr. Brown bowed slightly while he advised her respectfully. Dew looked at Duke.

That man did not look at her at all.

If she continued to stay there, it would make her more embarrassed. When Dew thought about it, she turned around and left, while Mr. Brown quickly followed her.

Adina turned around slightly and stared at Dew’s back. Mr. Brown was unexpectedly respectful toward Dew as if he was facing his master.

But Adina also could not be bothered with it.

She bent down, carried Harold, and gently said, “Harold, it was wrong of you to act like that.”

After Dew left, Harold transformed from a furious lion cub to an obedient kitten. He blinked and asked, “What did I do wrong?”

“You can’t be rude whenever you speak to someone.” Adina touched his hair. “No matter how much you hate that person, you can’t be rude. If you don’t like them, you can ignore them. If you become furious, you’ll lose control. You’re the young master of the Winters family. How can you lose your elegance and imposing manner?”

“I got it.”

Harold stroked his nose.

He was usually quite elegant, but he would get mad whenever he saw Dew. That woman was despicable!

It would be better to not talk about such an annoying person with Aunt Adina.

The chatty Harold changed the subject and said, “Aunt Adina, the pasta you made last time was so delicious. Could you cook it for me again?”

Adina smiled and nodded.

However, they heard Alden’s voice right then. “Are you treating my mom to dinner or are you asking my mom to cook for you?” Harold choked. “Oh… maybe next time.” Adina chuckled. “It’s just some pasta. It’s not a big deal. Alden, you can’t talk like that.”

Alden pursed his lips and remained silent.

He did not oppose his mom going to the Winters family villa mostly because he wanted to meet George.

He had sent him a challenge message but never received any reply. He wanted to ask him what had happened. Later, the whole group got into one car. Duke drove, while Adina and the three kids sat in the back.

Harold was extroverted, active, and lively. Hence, he could be heard talking in the car. When Duke looked at the scene through the rear-view mirror, he found it very warm. Meanwhile, another car was following them. Dew was sitting in the backseat with a ruthless gaze. Mr. Brown, who was driving, subconsciously shuddered in fear. He held the steering wheel and said in a low voice, “Ms. Daugherty, I’ll send you back to the Daugherty family villa.” “Why? Can’t I go to the Winters family villa?” she asked with dissatisfaction.

Mr. Brown smiled in resignation. The young master had already chased her out. He really did not understand why she insisted on following them.

Besides, Ms. Adina Daugherty was also there. He had roughly heard about the grudge between the Daugherty sisters. If they were under the same roof, he dared not imagine what would happen. “I left something in the Winters family villa. I’ll leave after I take it,” Dew said coldly. Mr. Brown sighed. He could just continue driving, but he slowed down a lot. At the Winters family villa, the group of five got out of the car. Harold held Melody’s hand as they walked into the villa. “Mel, let me bring you to my room. There are a ton of toys. I have Transformers, remote control cars and airplanes…”