Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 214

Chapter 214

When did he say that he wanted to treat Adina to a meal? However, since Harold had mentioned it, he would appear stingy about paying for a meal if he denied it.

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Duke nodded and nonchalantly said for dinner.”

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She still had not figured out why her daughter liked Duke so much. After Melody called Duke “Dad” the other day, she no longer spoke. Adina actually hoped that Melody could spend more time with Duke, but she was also worried that if they spent too much time together, Melody would keep calling him “Dad.” At that time, she would feel awkward. When Mr. Brown noticed how silent Adina was, he thought that she did not want to go, so he immediately spoke to help. “Ms. Daugherty, the chef bought some fresh prawns and crabs early in the morning. He even bought some chicken to make some chicken soup. I guess the soup should be ready by now. Having some chicken soup in this weather really keeps the body warm. Ms. Melody is at the age where she should drink more chicken soup for her skin…” While he was talking dramatically, he suddenly saw a figure nearby. He was instantly taken aback. “Ms. Daugherty?” Hè called Dew “Ms. Daugherty,” and it was a habit that he had developed over the years. The moment he said that, those beside him raised their heads and looked over. Dew’s stiff lips slowly curled. She had initially wanted to hide, but the situation was such an eyesore. She was so angry that she could no longer think straight. By the time she snapped out of it, Mr. Brown had already spotted her. If she ran away right then, it would look like she was covering something up.. Dew flashed him a stiff smile and walked over. “Duke, I came to pick Harold up.” However, Duke just cast an unfriendly glance at her without replying.

Dew was filled with such rage that her chest hurt.

She held the toys and wanted to give them to Harold to make him happy. But she was also afraid that Harold would call her “Mom.” If Adina heard it, she would not be able to keep anything a secret. While she was struggling and feeling gloomy, Harold had already rushed into Adina’s arms. He talked nonstop. “Aunt Adina, my house is a lot of fun. We have a playground in the backyard. There are slides, swings, and rocking horses…. I’ll bring Mel to the playground.”

Adina stroked his hair, smiled, and said, “I thank you on Mel’s behalf.” “The wind outside is strong, so Mel might not be able to take it. Just play inside,” Duke interrupted them indifferently. Harold pouted unhappily. “It’s not as fun inside the house.” The three of them chatted as if no one else was there, and they looked like a close family of three.

Dew’s eyes were extremely intense. She knew that she should remain calm and minimize her presence, but the situation triggered her to the point that she could not control herself. She wore a phony smile, moved forward, and ruthlessly squeezed Adina out of the way.“ Harold.”

The second she spoke, Harold shouted unhappily. “Why are you here again, you old witch? You hit Aunt Adina. Why didn’t you apologize? Forget it, you don’t have to apologize! Get lost! You’re the person I hate seeing the most!”

Every word from Harold was like a strong slap on Dew’s face.

She had heard them before, but this time, it happened to be in front of the b*tch, Adina.

She felt like a clown in front of Adina.

“Ms. Daugherty, let me send you back,” Mr. Brown quickly stepped forth and said. Whenever the young master saw Ms. Daugherty, there would be a huge fight. Such occurrences troubled him the most. Hence, he needed to send her away so that he could feel at ease.