Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 213

Chapter 213

When George heard Dew’s voice, his frown deepened. “I’ve seen it.” “George, Adina has made her move on Harold, and you’ll be the next. We can’t just sit and wait for death!” Dew gritted her teeth and said, “You have to think of a way to chase that b* tch, Adina, out of Sea City!” When George heard the term “b*tch”, he felt disgusted. He did not know why he felt that way. He took a deep breath. “Mom, stop it.”


Dew was stunned.

“I said, please stop before you go too far. It’s obvious that this video is self-directed. If I can see it, Dad can too,” George said coldly. “If you still want Dad to have a good impression of you, please don’t get involved in this anymore.” Dew instantly clenched her fists.

Did her plan, which had been carefully constructed, get exposed so easily?

How was it possible?

How could it be?

George, I didn’t direct that scene. My friend sent me the video.” Dew still wanted to give it one last shot. “George, you’re smart. Why would I lie to you? I really have nothing to do with this.” “Stop it!” George suddenly berated her. Dew was shocked, and she began to snivel. “George, how could you… speak to me like this? I’m your mother. I carried you for ten months before I gave birth to you and Harold. It’s fine if Harold hates me, but even you don’t love me anymore?” George closed his eyes. “Mom, Harold’s going to be discharged tomorrow. Please think about how you should pick him up from the hospital.”

After he said that, he hung up.

When Dew heard the busy tone on the phone, she was in disbelief.

How dare George do that to her!

George, who always respected, loved, and listened to her, had the audacity to yell at her! How could this happen? Why had everything not been going well lately? Dew took a deep breath and suppressed her anger.

Since George had detected her conspiracy, she could not play any tricks for not. She needed to go and pick up that little b*stard, Harold, tomorrow.

The next morning, Dew went to the store after she got changed. She bought some toys that boys would be fond of before she asked the driver to send her to the hospital.

She then walked toward the hospital’s entrance in her high heels. Just as she took two steps forward, she suddenly stopped walking.

The scenario she saw totally stunned her.

Early that morning, Harold had asked Adina to go to the hospital. It was also the weekend, so her children did not have classes. Therefore, she brought Melody and Alden along to pick Harold up. “Aunt Adina, will you be free later?” Harold held Adina’s hand and asked softly.

Adina smiled and asked, “Why?”

“If you’re free, can you come to my house?” Harold’s eyes lit up. “You saved me and took care of me for so long. My dad says he wants to treat you to a meal. Am I right, Dad?” Harold pulled his father over with a strong tug. Duke glared at him.