Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 211

Chapter 211

Adina just remained silent when she heard Mdm. Daugherty’s muttering.

Dew and her led two different lives. She would never be able to live peacefully with Dew.

She opened her mouth and softly said, “Grandma, I met a boy the other day. He said that he was Dew’s-”


A loud crash suddenly came from the second floor. Broken glass pieces were scattered around, and some fell from the second floor to the lawn in the courtyard.

Adina frowned. “What happened?”

However, Mdm. Daugherty seemed to be used to it. “Whenever Dew loses her temper, she throws things. I wonder who made her angry this time. Addy, you quarrel with Dew whenever the two of you meet. It’d be better if you don’t stay for dinner.” Adina nodded. She stood up, walked over, and raised her head slightly. She could see Dew’s room.

She furrowed her brows with dissatisfaction before she slowly walked up to the second floor.

Meanwhile, Dew was not holding back. She raised her hand and threw a vase beside her to the


“Trash! They’re all trash! They can’t even do this properly!” Dew yelled in anger. “Is Adina really that difficult to handle? Why can’t I do anything to her even after putting in so much effort?” Ruby gently advised her, “The video has been removed, so our work actually hasn’t been in vain.”

“But Adina sent that woman to the police station. If she testifies against me and says that I bribed her to frame Adina, what am I going to do? I don’t want to go to the police station and give a testimony!” As soon as Dew said that, the room door suddenly opened.

The two of them turned around in unison.

They saw Adina standing at the door with a smile. Her arms were wrapped around her chest as she leaned on the door. None of them knew how long she had been there. Dew’s eyes instantly widened. “When… When did you get here? Who allowed you to step foot in my house?”

“If I hadn’t visited, I wouldn’t have heard such an interesting conversation.”

Adina kicked the broken pieces of glass on the floor away before she walked in slowly. She glowered at Dew, and her voice turned extremely cold. “Why did you bribe the driver’s mother to frame me?” Dew scowled at Adina. “Do I need to explain whatever I do to you?”

“You got your son to deal with me first, then you did it yourself. Dew, do you fear my presence that much?” Adina tucked her hair behind her ear. “Why are you so afraid of me? Could you please tell me?”

Dew was stunned. “When did I as

Adina scoffed. “Stop acting. I know what kind of person you are. Dew Daugherty, I don’t care what you’re plotting, but you better keep yourself in check. I could be capable of anything if you piss me off.” After she said that, she turned around and left. Dew walked to the balcony, and after she saw Adina driving away, she kicked the table angrily. “That b*tch! She’s such a b*tch! How dare she act so arrogantly? D*mn it! She’s really getting on my nerves! Mom, what do you think we should do?” Ruby squinted. “How did that b*tch, Adina, know that you have a son?” “She’s met George before, so she knows about him. But she still doesn’t know that Harold’s my son.” Dew clenched her fists. “No matter what, I can’t let that b*tch figure out that I have twins, or else I won’t be able to hide anything.” Ruby paced back and forth in the room before she resolutely said, “Let George stay abroad. We mustn’t let Adina discover that George is a child of the Winters family!”. “I know!”

Dew nodded, and her expression made her look vile and cruel. At that moment, her biggest regret was not killing one of the twins back then. If one of them were dead, things would be much simpler. Now, all kinds of things were entangled and complicated. Her head was in a mess, and it irritated her as well as made her anxious. The first thing she did was turn on her phone and send George a video.