Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 210

Chapter 210 

The car that had hit Harold the other day was actually part of a planned accident.

The police and members of the Winters family had searched for him in the city, but the driver’s car had fallen into the moat. By the time they discovered him, rigor mortis had set in.

The police were highly concerned about the case, and they were still searching for clues.

“My son was kind and timid. He would never go and harm someone! It’s her! She gave my son a lot of money and instructed him to commit the crime! My poor son! He died just like that!” The police interrogated the woman sternly. “You mentioned that Ms. Daugherty went to see your son. When exactly did it happen, and where was it?”

“It was at about 9.00 pm, right in front of my house.” The middle-aged woman covered her mouth and cried. “I didn’t see her, but my neighbor saw her.”

The police looked at Adina. “What were you doing at about 9.00 pm that night?” Adina chuckled. “I was on the phone with a pianist, Mr. Albert. You can check my alibi.” Melody had become Mr. Albert’s student, so he would teach her via video call at 9.00 pm every night, and she would also accompany Melody for piano practice. After the police spent half an hour obtaining Mr. Albert’s testimony, Adina was acquitted. However, the middle-aged woman was involved in the development of the case, so the police kept her behind for the ongoing interrogation. When Adina stood outside the police station, a cold breeze blew over her, and her mind became clearer. If the middle-aged woman was telling the truth, it meant that a good-looking woman had approached the driver. In Sea City, only one beautiful woman seemed to resemble her: Dew! Did Dew go to the driver?

Did Dew want to kill Harold?


Adina frowned.

Dew wanted to marry Duke. Should she not please Duke’s son? Why did she want to kill Harold?

Adina could not figure it out after a while of thinking. By the time she snapped out of concentration, she had already parked her car outside the Daugherty family villa.

She sat in the driver’s seat and turned sideways to look at the Daugherty family villa.

The house where she had lived for eighteen years in the past looked so strange to her now. The house still appeared the same, but it had already lost its original meaning.

She pushed the door open and got out of the car. Just as she was about to knock on the door, she saw that Mdm. Daugherty was sitting in the courtyard under the sun.

Mdm. Daugherty saw her as well, so she immediately asked her servant to open the door. Adina walked in and sat beside Mdm. Daugherty. “How have you been lately, Grandma?” Mdm. Daugherty stared at her and let out a long sigh. “I’m still the same. Addy, when are you moving back?” “Grandma, living on my own has been pretty good. I came today because I wanted to ask you something,” Adina said in a deep voice. She suddenly wanted to know about Dew’s son.

If Dew wanted to pave a path for her own son, she had a motive to kill Harold. She suddenly thought it was a shame that the boy who looked similar to Alden was Dew’s biological son.

How could such a good boy have a mother like Dew? “Just ask away.” Mdm. Daugherty closed her eyes slightly. “I’m stepping into my grave soon, and my biggest wish is for my family to live peacefully. I wonder if I’ll see that day come.”