Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 209

Chapter 209

“It’s you! You killed my son!” The middle-aged woman suddenly rushed toward Adina and instantly grabbed her by the collar.

She raised another hand and attempted to slap Adina’s face. Adina frowned. She calmly raised her hand and grabbed the middle-aged woman’s wrist before she turned her hand back and suppressed the woman. Adina had her hands locked.

“Who are you?”

Adina’s voice was cold, and her eyes were filled with contempt.

The middle-aged woman’s wrists were pressed against her own back, and she could not move at all. She broke down and cried, “It’s you! You killed my son! You instigated my son to hit the boy, but you were afraid that my son would testify against you, so you assassinated him! You little b*tch! Give me back my son! Give me back my son!”

The woman cried out loud. The surrounding people kept talking about it. “I heard about this accident from my family. The driver hit a boy and escaped, but he ended up dead the next day.” “It was a hit and run. Doesn’t he deserve to die?”

“My uncle’s a police officer. He said that the driver had been instructed by someone who had orchestrated the car accident for a long time.”

“No way! Could Ms. Daugherty have instructed him?”

“I can’t tell! Ms. Daugherty is so pretty. Why would she instruct someone to create a car accident?”

Adina initially did not know what had happened, but she instantly understood after she heard the discussion from the people around her, She never followed up on Harold’s car accident.

She thought it had just been a hit-and-run accident. Unexpectedly, there was actually a conspiracy behind it.

Her expression turned cold, and she firmly asked, “Why do you think I instructed your son?”

“Who else could it be other than you?” The middle-aged woman cried as she poured her heart out. “The day before the accident happened, you went to my son. I saw you! I only saw you once, but you’re so pretty that it’s impossible for me to forget you! You killed my son! It couldn’t be anyone else besides you! My son is dead, and I won’t spare you! I’ll kill you to avenge my son!”

The middle-aged woman suddenly took out a dagger from her sleeve, turned back, and tried to stab Adina.

Adina could not be bothered with such a childish trick. She turned sideways, raised her leg, and hooked it around the woman in a cold manner. As a result, the middle-aged woman dropped her dagger on the floor. The eyes of Mr. Roberts from the company next door were filled with admiration. “I didn’t know Ms. Daugherty knew martial arts.” His secretary beside him said in a low voice, “I think Ms. Daugherty isn’t a regular person, and now she’s in a lawsuit that involves human life. We better stay away from her.” “I don’t think she’s the culprit,” Mr. Roberts said. His secretary shook his head. “It doesn’t matter if it’s her or not. This is still related to her. A big client is coming to our company later. Mr. Roberts, we better go inside and make preparations.” The company was truly more important than watching the show. Mr. Roberts turned around and entered his office. He even called his staff members who were still watching the show to go back. Adina squatted down, turned her hand, and gained control over the middle-aged woman again. She grabbed the woman by the collar tightly and dragged her out. “Where are you taking me?” The middle-aged woman panicked. “Let go! Let go of me! Are you trying to kill me? Someone, please help me!” “We’ll talk about this in the police station.” Adina directly threw her into the backseat of her car. She locked the car door and drove speedily to the police station. It was only a five-minute drive to the police station. When she stopped the car, the middle aged woman immediately tried to run away. But Adina grabbed her by the collar and threw her into the police station. While the police interrogated them, the middle-aged woman kept whining, and Adina finally understood the whole situation.