Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 207

Chapter 207 

Alden slowly curled his fingers. There were only three members in the Winters family, including Duke, Harold, and the boy whom he had met outside the ward that day.

Harold was not capable. Mom said that it was not Duke.

Then, it could only be… “George Winters, Harold’s elder brother,” Adina softly replied. “Duke already apologized to me on his behalf, and he’s also willing to compensate me for all the losses. Alden, you don’t have to look into this matter anymore.” Alden pursed his lips. “So his name is George.” Adina felt surprised. “Have you met him?” She was quite curious about George’s appearance, but she did not have a chance to properly meet him. “I met him outside Harold’s ward,’ Alden said. “Did he apologize to you, Mom?”

Adina smiled and did not talk about it again. She held her children’s hands and softly said,” Both of you are just four years old, so your most important mission now is to study. You don’t have to care about anything else, especially you, Alden. You have to study and take care of Mel. Don’t waste your time thinking about the adults, okay?” Alden nodded and obediently said, “I’ll listen to you, Mom.” On the way back, he kept talking to Melody while he secretly thought about it.

When he met George the other day, he could sense that George was not an easy person.

That was the truth. George’s hacking skills were not worse than his, and he could be considered an expert. However, why did Alden not see George’s name on the offshore hacker ranking list? Just as they arrived home, Alden received a message. “Mom, I’ll go upstairs and get changed.” He looked calm as he went upstairs. As soon as he shut the door, he turned on his laptop. K typed, [Sir Daugherty, you’re horrible. The hacker who attacked you previously is actually a kid!]

Alden narrowed his eyes. (How did you know?]

K replied, (I found his registration information. Read it yourself.]

Kthen sent him a screenshot.

Alden clicked on the picture and enlarged it. The registration information was simple. [Nickname: Harold Who Loves Milk] [Age: 4) K replied. [This information has to be freaking fake, right? All four-year-old kids drink milk. I would assume that they have no idea about hackers, right?] The four-year-old Alden silently pursed his lips. He stared at the nickname for a while. He did not understand why George wanted to use Harold’s name as his nickname. Besides, George seemed so unfriendly. Would he love to drink milk? Alden silently sent, [Four-year-old kids nowadays are different from those in the past. Uncle K, you’re behind the times.) K replied, [Who allowed you to call me Uncle? I’m only thirty years old! It’s the most charming age for a man! You must be a forty-year-old brat, or else you wouldn’t be typing so fast! Hey, we’ve known each other for such a long time, but I still haven’t seen a picture of you. Send me one and let me have a look.) Alden replied, (I’m not a woman. There’s nothing for you to see.) Although he did not know why men loved to look at women, whenever he talked to K, the conversation would always end with K going on dates with women.

That was enough to show how attractive women were to K.

Alden chatted with K while he searched for information about Harold Who Loves Milk in the system.

However, the page was empty. It did not even contain the account history.

The account had been registered a year and a half ago. Apart from having participated in some system-issued tasks, it did not leave any trace until the night before last. The attack on LaStar Technology Corporation finally made this sunken account noticeable. Alden said, (Uncle K, I’d like to ask you something.)