Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 206

Chapter 206

“It’s LaStar Technology Corporation, right?”

Alden’s heart sank

This man knew everything indeed

He pursed his lips and walked into the ward He pushed the door open and stood at the door. “Mom, I want to go home”

Adina was feeding Harold, and she was stunned. “Why do you suddenly want to go back? Give me live more minutes. We’ll leave after I finish feeding Harold.”

“I want to go home now.” Alden was rarely that insistent. He almost never acted presumptuously in front of so many people Adina thought that he was not feeling well, so she just placed the remaining food in Duke’s hand. You can feed Harold then. We’ll be off now.”

Alden tiad already turned around and left. Adina then held Melody’s hand and ran after him.

Duke and Harold were instantly left in the ward.

Harold still had some food in his mouth that he had not swallowed. When he looked at the suddenly empty ward, he pouled. “Dad, you’re terrible You just scared Alden and made him leave as soon as you camne! He’s gone, and Aunt Adina and Mel are gone too. Whaa! Why am I so unlucky?”

He opened his mouth and cried out loud. The food in his mouth instantly spilled onto the bed.

Duke was speechless

He also wanted to know why Alden would suddenly want to leave

He even thought that they had a pretty good conversation earlier. No matter what, he could not figure out whiat he had said to offend Alden.

However, this was not the time to think about that. Harold cried so terribly that he even flipped a bowl of soup on the table the place was a mess.

Adina brought the kids along and walked to the hospital’s entrance

She had initially thought that Alden was not feeling well, but she could tell it was not that simple at this point

She held Alden’s hand and softly asked, “Did Duke tell you something earlier?

Alden pursed his lips without answering

He did not want to talk about certain things

If it had not been because he could not hold back his emotions just now, he would not have rudely asked to leave

He used to long for a father’s love and dream about being with his father, but his father had attacked his mother’s company. He could not accept that lying down

Perhaps he was too depressed because even Melody could feel it.

The little girl walked up to him and gently shook his sleeve.

“Alden, don’t keep anything to yourself. I’m your mom. You can trust me.” Adina stared at him seriously. “Can you tell me whai happened?” After Alden remained silent for a few seconds, he finally said, “The night before last, a hacker attacked your company website.”

Adina nodded. ” kulow, and?”

**Duke’s very likely the person who attacked your website.”

After Alden said that, his gloominess faded slightly.

It seemed that he really had to vent out his emotions so that he would not feel so depressed

Adina smiled as she stroked his hair and softly said, “It wasn’t him. You’ve misunderstood.”

Alden’s gaze froze. “The hacker changed his IP address overseas to hide his whereabouts that night. He attacked the official website after he got himself a small ‘vest.’ He hid intelligently. but I still figured him out. The IP address came from the Winters family. It has to be Duke! ** Adina shook her head. It’s a Winters mernber, but it’s niat Duke”