Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 205

Chapter 205

Alder and Duke walked to the corridor outside the ward.

Harold ate while he curiously asked, “Why did Alden want to talk to my dad?”

He was frightened when he saw his dad, and he did not want to talk to his dad alone Adina also felt slightly curious However, Alden had his own secrets, and she would not ask him about them

She smiled and said, “Your dad’s great, so Alden wants to become a great person like him too.”

Harold’s curiosity lasted for a while before he immediately forgot about it.

He was still much happier with Aunt Adina and Mel. His dad had better not come in anymore!

Duke still had no idea that his own son despised him. “What would you like to talk about? You can go ahead and say it.” He spoke indifferently

I’ve been interested in programming lately. I wonder if you have any opinions about it, Uncle Duke)” Alden took out an Introductory Programming Tutorial book and seemed to be thirsty for kriowledge

Duke was not surprised

Geniuses were probably interested in one thing for only three months because they could quickly grasp its core kanowledge in that short span

Previously, Duke had seen Alden study logic, and he guessed that Alden had taught himself to a scary degree Therefore, Alden was changing directions. However, programming had a bigger and more complex knowledge system. A four-year-old kid might not be able to study it thoroughly. “I know programming well what would you like to ask?” Duke said in a deep voice

Alden asked, “Which software do you usually use to write the scripts?”

“Either Python or lava. It mainly depends on why you’re picking up programming I can recommend some books and videos. **

Alden denched his lists. He looked down with pursed his lips and said, “I want to be a hacker

Duke narrowed his eyes. “A hacker? Why?”

“I don’t want to tell you the reason yet. Can you suffest samne relevant leaming materials to me?” Alden had yet to raise his head

Duke’s expression became more stern George had also dreamed of becoming a hacker when he was three. Although Duke tried to stop him, George would still secretly contact other hackers on the Internel.

It was easy for a hacker to make the wrong choice when they wanted to become successful in the profession

Ninety percent of hackers were foreign criminals. A four-year-old kid would not be able to differentiate their messages. Duke wanted to advise Alden, but he held himself back after some consideration

Even George would not listen to him, let alone someone else’s son.

Gentuses were persistent. A few sentences would not change their minds He would just ask and guide Alden properly in the future Besides, maybe this kid would lose interest and give up on it after some time Duke nonchalantly said, “Hackers usually use the Linux system skillfully. When you master the operations of that system, I’ll teach you the knowledge.” Alden’s lowered gaze was filled with coldness

In that case, Dulce should know some hacking skills. He could likely be the person who had sneaked an attack on his mom’s company that night.

Be that as it may, he was the CEO of Winters Corporation. Did he really need to attack a company that had just been established two weeks ago?

Alden slowly loosened his fists. He raised his head and said, “Actually, I want to become a hacker because I want to protect my mom’s company. Uncle Duke, do you know that my mnom has opened a company?” “Yes, I’m collaborating with your mom’s company.” Duke nodded indifferently. Alden added, “I’m not talking about Daugherty Corporation.”