Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 199

Chapter 199 

Soon, dinner was ready.

Adina and the kids then sat at the dining table to have dinner

“Mom, it’s Saturday tomorrow. Can we go and visit Harold in the hospital?” Alden obediently suggested

Melody stopped eating, and her gaze was filled with excitement. Adina smiled gently and said, “Alden, don’t you hate Harold?” Alden pursed his lips. “He’s quite nice to Mel, so I’ve forced myself to accept him.” Adina chuckled.

Achild’s world was truly innocent and pure. They could change their perspective of someone because of a small matter, She hoped that Alden could always keep his innocence. Meanwhile, Alden looked down, and his eyes were filled with coldness. K had just sent him the name of the area, and he realized that it was Winters Corporation after he took a glance.

In other words, the hacker who attacked Mom’s company website that night was associated with the Winters family. He suggested visiting Harold only because he wanted to figure out Duke’s background. On Saturday, the sun was bright, and the weather was wonderful Harold was bedridden, and he said with a gloomy expression, “I want to go out and play. I want to have fun. Papa Brown, let me out!” Mr. Brown seemed gloomier than Harold. “My boss, you haven’t recovered, so you can’t get out of bed. The doctor specifically ordered that, and you should just lay in bed for a few days. Once you recover, you can go anywhere you want.” “Imph! You’re lying again!” Harold said unhappily. “Once I’m discharged, Dad’s going to ground me again. I should just live in the hospital!” After he said that, he suddenly lifted the blanket and jumped down from the bed. Mr. Brown was so shocked that he immediately caught Harold “Young Master, please don’t make a scene.”

Harold instantly grabbed Mr. Brown’s beard and angrily said, “Don’t stop me. Let go! Let go of me! I want to go out and play!” After the car accident, Mr. Brown was not as assertive as he used to be He hugged Harold with all his might and sincerely said, “Young Master, please just stay here for one more day. I’ll take you out tomorrow.”

While they were struggling with each other, someone pushed the ward door open Dew held George’s hand as they walked inside When Georre saw the scene, his face was dour “Harold, you got into a car accident because vou ran away Why? You don’t think your injury is serious enough? You want to have a laste of u again!” His dark expression was exactly the same as Duke’s Harold subconsciously shrunk back. He felt wronged as he lay back on his bed “George, you’re so fueron

“Okury, George Don’t be mad at Harold anymore He’s bored of staying in the hospital alone” Thewrevraled a toy in her hand as she smiled and said, “Harold, let’s see what I bought for you it’s your favorite Transformer!


wrapped the package before she handed the new toy to Harold

“I don’t want it?”

Harold swiped it away The Transformer tey dropped on the floer and instantly broke into pieces Dew’s sone froze, and she suddenly sounded like she was crying “Harold, don’t you liige Transformers the most Why don’t you want it now that I’ve bought it for you?

“I don’t like Transformers arrymore I don’t want it Harold yelled “You’re a bad woman You’re a depable witch’ i don’t want to see you’ Get out of my wardi” Drw’s shoulders ternbled, and her tears fel