Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 198

Chapter 198

Melody handed Mr. Albert a cup of tea, and that wrapped up the ceremony. From that moment on, Melody had become Mr. Albert’s second student. “I still have recitals in the neighboring country. Once my tour ends, I’ll bring you to meet your senior. He’s also an excellent pianist.” Mr. Albert felt satisfied as he said, “I’ll give you this piano, Mel. I still can’t personally guide you for now, so let this piano grow with you.” Adina was shocked. “No way. This piano is too expensive.” “Is this expensive?” Contempt flashed in Mr. Albert’s eyes. “Its strings were made by machine, so there are some distortions in the sound. The strings of the piano that Mel’s senior is using were made by me, and its tone is clearer. When I have the time, I’ll make a piano for Mel. This piano will work temporarily.” Adina was speechless. The top-tier piano in her eyes was a mere backup piano for Mr. Albert. Alright, they would just use it for the time being then. She stroked Melody’s head. “Aren’t you going to thank your teacher?” Melody went forward and shook Mr. Albert’s hand.

Adina was surprised again. They had just met for the first time, yet Melody appeared to be extremely friendly toward Mr. Albert.

It proved that Melody was very interested in the piano. Adina was glad that she had made the right decision. Adina brought the two kids along and personally sent Mr. Albert to the airport. Later, she got some staff members to deliver the piano to her villa.

The piano was placed at the entrance of the living room balcony on the first floor, facing the sun. After Melody sat in front of the piano, she refused to leave. She kept practicing the two songs that she had just learned. Adina cooked in the kitchen and hummed along to the piano’s melody. Alden sat outside on the balcony with his laptop and kept staring at the screen. He typed away with great speed and finally confirmed an IP address.

He copied the IP address, clicked his messenger open, and sent the address to someone. Then, he typed a sentence. (Check where this IP address is from.)

A second later, a dark avatar flashed on his screen. A person, whose name was K, sent Alden a message. (Sir Daugherty, it’s been half a year. You haven’t been online for half a year!)

Alden’s online username was Sir Daugherty He had simply made it up. Even though he had changed his usemame many times, people in the group still called him by that name

He nonchalantly typed out another sentence (Don’t waste time spouting nonsense. Help me check this IP address My Internet’s limited 1

One minute later

Five minutes later

Ten minutes later

Alden frowned When did your skills become so rusty

K replied, (Matalaka, this website is encrypted with 109 passwords. It’s not difficult, but I need some time just wall ]

Alden replied, What does “matafaka” mean?)

K answered, 11t mealis motherf*cker!)

Alden replied, You insulted my mother for no reason This is the end of our friendship )

K responded, II didn’t know you were a mommy’s boy Hold on, I’ve found it. I’ll screenshot the exact location for you!)

Soon, a blurry screenshot was sent over

Alden tweaked the screenshot with photo editing software, and the picture immediately became much clearer Once he saw the name of the area, his expression instantly darkened.