Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 197

Chapter 197

“Mr. Albert, didn’t you want to take in a student? I recommend my daughter, Melody, to you,” Adina smiled faintly and said. When Mr. Albert heard that, he felt surprised. “Adina, I want to take you in, but not other people. Even if it’s your daughter, I won’t make an exception.” “Why don’t you let her try?” Adina said, “There’s still an hour before you leave Sea City. It’s enough for you to listen to a song.” Mr. Albert stared at Adina in a serious manner.

He had known Adina for about four years, and he knew that she would not speak without


Even though she knew about his status, she never flattered or tried to please him. She had even refused to be his student.

No other person like her existed in this world. Mr. Albert finally nodded. He stared at the little girl with a gentle gaze and said, “You can play any song. Don’t be nervous.” There was a piano in the hotel suite. Ever since Mr. Albert turned thirty years old, he would hold piano recitals all over the world every year. As such, pianos had been specially prepared for him in different parts of the world. He held Melody’s hand and walked to the living room before he allowed her to sit in front of the piano.

It was a huge piano with black and white keys. It had long strings, and the age of its resonance plate was clearly visible as the seams were thin and straight. Adina could tell that this was a top -tier piano without playing it. However, that was reasonable. How could a piano in Mr. Albert’s hotel suite be a lousy one? Melody sat in front of the piano and tried to press a key. A clear and loud sound was produced by the strings in the upper register, and it was piercing. The girl’s eyes lit up. She raised her hands, closed her eyes, and easily played, “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star!”

It was a song that all children were familiar with. It was simple and cheerful. Children who had started to play the piano for a few days would usually play it. Mr. Albert initially had no expectations, but he suddenly widened his eyes after the song ended.

He moved closer to the girl and said, “Try the last pause.” “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” originally ended on a fading note at the closing. However, Melody had used a technique to stop it abruptly just now, which brought it to an

instant close. That actually created a different artistic mood. Children would not understand such artistic moods. Only adults who had passed the stage of childhood could reminisce about their childhood due to the abrupt end of the tune. The piece would already be considered extraordinarily successful once it allowed people to resonate with it emotionally. On top of that, the person who played it was just a four-year-old girl. Mr. Albert got rid of the emotions that the song had generated before he said in a deep voice,” Mel, try that again.” Unfortunately, the little girl did not understand him. After Melody finished the song, she jumped down from the chair and scurried toward Adina. When Adina saw Mr. Albert’s expression, she knew that she had placed the right bet. Melody had perfectly inherited her talent in the piano. Perhaps, she was even more excellent than her.

“Adina, hurry, get your daughter to play the piano again.” Mr. Albert walked over as a light flashed in his eyes.

It terrified Melody so much that she immediately hid behind Adina.


Alden glared at Mr. Albert with caution and stood in front of his sister. When Mr. Albert saw how terrified the kids were, he stroked his nose. He took a step back before he said, “When I lost my composure for the first time, it was because of you. Now, I’m losing my cool again three years later because of your daughter. Adina, I’ll accept Melody as my student!

Adina chuckled. “Mr. Albert, Melody is much better than me. If you have her as your student, you won’t suffer any loss.”

She squatted down, stared at Melody, and seriously said, “From today onward, Mr. Albert will be your teacher. He’s different from the teachers in your preschool. In the future, he’ll play the role of a mentor in your life. You have to always respect Mr. Albert.”

Mr. Albert was a foreigner, so he did not care too much about strict etiquette. Besides, he was

going to board a plane, so the ceremony for Melody to formally become his apprentice was simple.