Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 196

Chapter 196

She leaned back in her chair as she waited.

However, she noticed Duke frown before he hung up the phone unhappily. she chuckled and said, “He refused to apologize, didn’t he?”

Duke’s expression turned cold. “Intelligent children have their own minds. They refuse to accept the world’s way or submit to anyone,” Adina said in an understanding manner. “Not everyone is as obedient and mature as my son, Alden. Mr. Winters, you better put more effort into educating your son.” Duke was speechless.


Mature? Was she really describing that cunning boy, Alden? “I’ll bring him here to apologize to you in person.” After Duke said that, he took the document from the desk and left. Adina shrugged as if she could not be bothered. It was normal for kids to make mistakes. She was very tolerant of that. She would be fine as long as they did not make the same mistake again. After Adina clocked off work, she went to pick her kids up from their preschool. Then, she took them to a hotel in the city center. She had agreed to meet with Mr. Albert previously, but it had to be postponed to today because Harold got involved in a car crash. Mr. Albert would leave on a flight at 9.00 pm tonight. She had to finalize things before Mr. Albert left.

The three of them took the elevator upstairs before they knocked on a presidential suite door. A haggard voice came from inside. “Come in.” Adina pushed the door open and held her children’s hands as they walked in. “Ms. Daugherty, it’s been a while. You’re more beautiful than you used to be.”

Mr. Albert was an old man in his seventies. His hair was gray, but he appeared to be in high spirits. He did not look like a seventy-year-old man. He then walked over with a bright smile. Just as he was about to give Adina a big hug, a small, short kid stood between him and Adina.

He stared at Alden for a few seconds before he suddenly laughed. “Is this Alden, whom you told me about? I thought you were trying to trick me, but it turns out that you really have kids.

This is Alden, and this should be Mel?” Adina smiled helplessly and said, “If I hadn’t needed to raise two kids, why would I have refused to be your student?” Three years ago, the kids were just one year old, and they would always fall sick. She had to take care of them while she worked to earn money. She had lived a rough life, so she never had the time to practice her piano playing. Therefore, she had firmly and resolutely turned Mr. Albert down. Nonetheless, Mr. Albert had been persistent. He had approached her over and over again to persuade her two years ago. Mr. Albert finally gave up after she enrolled in Harfard University for her further studies.

It was their first time meeting after a year.

“You’re willing to meet me this time. Have you made up your mind?” Mr. Albert sat down on the couch. “Your kids seem obedient and well-behaved. I’m sure they wouldn’t object if you wanted to practice the piano. What do you think, Alden?” Although they were meeting for the first time, Alden had a good impression of this old man. He answered in fluent English, “I respect Mom’s decision.”

“Haha! He’s a really good boy. He even has a London accent. Ms. Daugherty, your son’s brilliant,” Mr. Albert complimented.

Adina felt honored and smiled. “Alden’s truly brilliant, but I’d like to introduce you to my daughter today, Mr. Albert.” She held Melody’s hand and gently said, “She has a problem with communication, so she might be a little rude. I hope you don’t mind.”

Mr. Albert was old, so he was fond of cute and obedient children.

He reached out to pull Melody over.

Perhaps Melody knew that this was the piano teacher whom her mother had looked for her, but she did not resist him. She walked up to Mr. Albert obediently, which was rare.