Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 194

Chapter 194

Adina smiled and cleaned up the mess on the server.

While she was busy, Serene walked in. “Ms. Daugherty, someone from Winters Corporation called over and asked if you’re free later at 11.00 am.” Adina nodded. “Why?”

“Someone from the company wants to come over,” Serene said. “I’ll book the meeting room then.”

Her company’s first business deal was the project with Winters Corporation, and everyone in her company knew how important it was.

Adina nodded. “Print out a few copies of the proposal that we previously amended and put them on the table in the meeting room.”

Serene immediately proceeded to do it.

Adina flipped through the document and read up on Project A-F again. Once she had an idea in mind, she got up and went to the restroom. Just as she walked out through her office door, she bumped into a bunch of people from the company next door.

It was an Internet start-up company. The company had been established two years ago, and it had about thirty staff members. Its development was not excellent, and it could barely survive.

When Adina arrived at her office for the first time, it was the owner of that company who had introduced her to the environment in their surroundings. He had even told her about the development of a lifeline for small Internet start-up companies in Sea City. He was a talkative and cheerful middle-aged man.

Adina had a pretty good impression of that boss, so she smiled and greeted him. “Mr. Roberts, are you going somewhere in a hurry?” When Mr. Roberts saw Adina, his eyes were full of surprise.

He stopped walking and said, “Oh, Ms. Daugherty. It’s going to be noon soon, so we’re heading out for lunch. Would you like to join us?”

Adina was about to turn him down, but Mr. Roberts’ secretary flashed them a fake smile and said, “Mr. Roberts, we’re going to meet a client. We can treat Ms. Daugherty next time.”

While Mr. Roberts still wanted to say something, his secretary lowered his voice and said, “It’s not easy for us to get an appointment with Ms. Clark who’s an important assistant of Mr. Winters. If you bring an outsider like her along and she takes our client, what are we going to do? Mr. Roberts, please don’t forget that Ms. Daugherty’s company is also an IT company, so she’s our competitor. How can you bring her along to our lunch with Ms. Clark?”

The secretary’s voice was very low, but Adina could still hear him a little.

She smiled faintly and nonchalantly said, “Mr. Roberts, I still have some work to do. We’ll catch up next time.”

After she said that, she walked to the restroom in her high heels.

The secretary sighed in relief. “Mr. Roberts, I know you’re interested in Ms. Daugherty, but I think you should prioritize the company’s development. Once our company is developed, you can go ahead and pursue her. You’d be successful, right?”

“Stop talking nonsense. I just admire Ms. Daugherty,” Mr. Roberts said indifferently before he led his subordinates into the elevator and went downstairs. A small company like them had to put in a lot of work before they could make an appointment to meet the secretary of Winters Corporation’s CEO.

The meeting today was extraordinarily important for their company.

As soon as they went downstairs, a black luxurious car parked in front of the start-up building.

However, Mr. Roberts and his subordinates were in a hurry. As such, they did not notice that the person who got out of the car was Duke Winters, the CEO of Winters Corporation, whom they had mentioned countless times.

Duke directly went upstairs. Serene had been waiting at the entrance. When she saw him coming, she felt dizzy for a


When Duke, Trent, and Eilam visited the office last time, she had met Duke. But she was still taken aback after meeting him for the second time.

How could someone in this world look so handsome?

Her feminine eyes were not as exquisite as Duke’s either. When she saw his face, she felt ashamed.

She really could not figure out what kind of woman would be good enough for a man with such a face.

Right then, Adina’s delicate and gorgeous face immediately popped up in her head. Yes, only the most beautiful woman in Sea City was good enough for Duke.