Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 192

Chapter 192 “Mom, calm down!” 

George pressed her shoulders down and spoke in a deep voice. “I’m still investigating this. I’ll make the person behind this pay the price!”

Dew’s lips trembled, and she finally became quiet.

No matter what, she had to plant this incident on Adina.

It was the only way to get Duke to take action against Adina!

Adina finally took the two kids home after she stayed in the hospital until 8.00 pm.

By the time they finished washing up, it was already 9.00 pm. Melody fell asleep obediently, and Alden returned to his room.

He was always independent, and he would do everything on his own.

While he was brushing his teeth, he heard some alarming sounds from the laptop underneath his bed.

Narrowing his eyes, he held the toothbrush with his teeth while he knelt in front of his bed to take the laptop out.

He had assembled that laptop, and all its performance configurations were top-notch. His mom knew of the laptop’s existence and did not allow him to use it again.

Therefore, he had hidden the laptop underneath his bed and would just take it out to use occasionally.

He had written a program to protect his mother’s company. Since the alarm was ringing now, it meant that his mom’s company website was under attack

Alden sat on the carpet and bit his toothbrush as his fingers tapped on the keyboard with speed. Soon, he saw the attacking program. The enemy was breaking down the firewall, and Alden found the operation slightly familiar. It seemed that the hacker, who had forcefully removed the video of Dew attempting to murder his mom, had used the same method last time.

Alden scoffed and threw his toothbrush aside. He sped up the movement of his fingers, and their shadows flashed across the screen.

At the same time, there was a dim and yellow light in a bedroom on the second floor of the Winters family villa.

George was sitting in front of his study desk while speedily tapping on his computer keyboard He had sneaked into LaStar Technology Corporation’s website. Actually, he just wanted to figure out the woman’s background.

Unexpectedly, the website was protected with countless firewalls. As soon as he entered the website, he alerted the program, causing it to react.

He confronted the program for one minute, and someone immediately controlled the program. The program guard that had been written surrounded him like a big net.

George smiled faintly.

It seemed to be the same hacker whom he had encountered previously.

This hacker was very skillful. He had successfully removed the video only because his dad had helped him.

It upset him for some time.

He wanted to be the first in all aspects, so others could not suppress him.

Therefore, he had been improving his hacking skills since then.

Tonight, he wanted to make his rival flee in defeat.

Right then, someone slowly pushed his room door open.

The sound of leather shoes making contact with the ground rang out, but it did not pull George’s attention away in the slightest.

George placed all his concentration on fighting the hacker, and he was not aware of everything that was happening around him…

That was, until a big hand extended over, and a slim finger pressed the shutdown button. Then, his laptop screen instantly darkened.