Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 191

Chapter 191 

Through the gap in the door, George could see that Adina was peeling an apple for Harold.

The atmosphere in the ward was too warm. George pursed his lips and decided not to go in.

He could feel that Adina was sincere toward Harold, at least at that moment.

He turned around and was about to leave when he noticed that Dew had arrived outside the ward.

“Mom, why are you here?” George asked in surprise. Dew stared at the scene in the ward for a long time before she looked away.

She held George’s hand and spoke in a low and cold voice. “It’s not suitable for us to talk here. Let’s chat outside.”

George nodded and got into a car with Dew.

“George, you saw it yourself just now. Your dad is actually okay with letting Adina take care of Harold alone. If she poisons Harold’s food, he’ll…” Dew covered her lips. “Harold hates me, and he doesn’t want to see me in the ward. Otherwise, I would’ve rushed inside and chased Adina out.” George looked up and calmly said, “Adina won’t poison Harold. Mom, don’t overthink it.” “George, has that woman bewitched you too?” Dew glared at him and said in disbelief. “I grew up with Adina, and she’s good at putting people under a spell. She’s the best at being hypocritical. She wants to use your trust to exact revenge on me! George, I’ve already lost Harold. I can’t lose you.”

George was level-headed. “I’m your son, so you’ll never lose me.”

His words made Dew feel more frightened.

She grabbed George’s shoulders with great force. “George, I’m terrified. I’m scared that she’ll bewitch you, Harold, and your father. I’m scared that she’ll successfully marry your father. I’m scared that she’ll replace me as your mother. I always have nightmares, and I’m always awakened by these nightmares in the middle of the night. I’m really terrified.”

She sobbed as she spoke. George stared at her coldly for two minutes before he felt that his indifference was not very appropriate. He took a pack of tissues and handed it to her. “Mom, don’t cry.” Dew was not lying

She had been having nightmares lately.

Last night, she kept dreaming of George and Harold calling Adina “Mom.” The dream was truly horrifying. She could not imagine what she would encounter once the truth was exposed.

She did not know how she could salvage the situation. She had used all the tactics that she

could, but she kept pushing the Winters family further away from her.

Dew felt hopeless.

“George, what should I do?” Dew kept crying and became totally embarrassed,

“Mom, just practice your piano playing.” George comforted her emotionlessly. “Once you’re able to hold a piano concert, the world will be different.”

When his mother had the world in her hands, she would be able to leave the Winters family.

Then, she would not be so sad anymore.

Amid Dew’s cries, George’s phone suddenly vibrated.

He glanced at it and saw that it was a call from his assistant, Liam. He pressed the answer button and took the call.

“Young Master, the culprit has been found.”

George became focused, and Dew also immediately stopped crying.

“At 6.00 pm today, someone discovered a silver sports car in a moat in the suburbs. When the car was lifted, the driver was found to be dead for more than two hours.”

George’s expression darkened. “Young Master, I’m still receiving news on my end. If there’s any progress, I’ll contact you immediately.”

After the call ended, there were a few seconds of silence in the car. Following the silence, Dew yelled, “It has to be Adina! It has to be her! She killed the driver! A dead man tells no tales, and nobody will connect it back to her! She’s still as cunning and cruel as she used to be! She’s back in Sea City because she wants to exact revenge on me. George, you have to advise your dad to kick Adina out of Sea City!”