Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 190

Chapter 190

Oh gosh! Was he really stupid? Adina could not help but laugh. Alden was always very reserved. He never showed off his high intelligence. Yet. he had purposely boasted about his intelligence to Harold today. Clearly, Alden treated Harold as his family. Alden hated Harold not too long ago, but why did he suddenly accept Harold? Adina stared at Alden as she tried to figure something out from his expression.

Alden felt very awkward because of her stare, so he got up and said, “Mom, I’d like to go to the restroom.”

He pulled open the door and walked out before he hit someone, who was standing nearby.

George had been there for a long time.

Before he pushed open the ward door, he had heard some happy laughter and chit-chatting from inside.

He did not have to go inside to know that Adina was present.

He had to admit that this woman’s voice was as gentle as the rain in spring. No wonder Harold was deeply fond of her.

He had set this woman up yesterday, so not wanting to meet her face to face, he waited outside.

Unexpectedly, a child ran into him.

When they stared each other in the eyes, both of them saw surprise.

Something flashed in Alden’s eyes. Why did this boy who was about the same age as him look so familiar? He narrowed his eyes, and countless thoughts crossed his mind.

He slowly asked, “Are you here to visit Harold?”

George nodded, and his voice was extremely indifferent. “Why are you in Harold’s room?”

Was he Harold’s former classmate or what? As soon as George spoke, it reminded Alden of Duke’s voice. Their two voices gradually overlapped, and their two faces slowly merged as well. Alden coldly asked, “Are you Harold’s brother who could speak eight languages at three?” George nodded indifferently. “Who are you?”

Alden curled his lips into a sneer.

He thought Harold had been talking about his cousin. He did not expect it to be his biological brother

In other words, Duke had two sons.

Duke had two sons, and he was still going after Alden’s mother?

That man was an extraordinary jerk!

With his keen senses, George could feel it as the boy’s gaze slowly turned cold. He frowned. “Who are you?”

The feeling of losing control over the situation made George unhappy. Right then, the door to the ward was pulled open again, and Melody walked out in a pink dress. There was a hairband around her puffy hair, and she looked so cuddly like a soft kitten. Her eyes were extremely gorgeous. George had never been sincerely drawn to anyone or anything, but he could hear his heart pounding fast at that moment. He had the urge to approach the girl. Alden discreetly blocked his gaze. He held Melody’s hand and spoke in a low voice. “I’ll bring you to the washroom.”

He held Melody’s hand and gradually disappeared from the corridor.

George slowly looked away. Those two kids should be George’s former classmates. If he asked around, he would learn the girl’s name.