Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 188

Chapter 188

After she read the contract, she closed it and calmly asked, “Kid, who drafted this contract?”

“Our young master did it,” Liam answered, “Ms. Daugherty, if you think there’s no problem with it, the contract will be effective once you sign.” Adina chuckled. She was beautiful. Whenever she smiled, the corners of her eyes would curve upward, adding to her charm and coquettishness.

Nevertheless, her gaze was clear, and her beauty was both pure as well as bewitching.

When George saw her smile, the coldness in his heart seemed to disappear little by little.

Realizing that he had stared at Adina for a few minutes, he instantly became irritated.

This woman must have bewitched his dad and Harold with the same smile.

“I think there’s a problem.”

Adina stopped smiling and slowly spoke.

She leaned forward slightly while she exerted an oppressive aura.

She stared at George, and her pink lips were filled with contempt. “You should study in school when you’re at the right age to attend it. Don’t come here and show off.”

As she spoke, she threw the contract over with great force. The wind produced from the contract falling on the table blew through George’s hair. His expression instantly turned cold and dark.

Liam was so shocked that his heart skipped a beat.

George was the young master and heir of the Winters family as well as the future owner of Winters Corporation.

How dare this woman act so presumptuously?!

“Ms. Daugherty, what do you mean?” Liam stared at Adina and coldly said, “If you have a question, you can bring it up. Don’t you think you’re being very rude?”

“When you handed me this document, you should’ve expected this to be my reaction.” Adina smiled scornfully and said, “There’s such a huge loophole in the contract. Did you really think I wouldn’t be able to tell? Boy, if you haven’t learned how to walk, please don’t rush to run. Since you ran into me today, I’ll forgive your mistake. If you encounter other bigwigs, perhaps they might sue you for contract fraud.”

Adina stood up, grabbed her bag, and left the private room.

As she reached the door, she walked back again. She took out $100 from her bag and threw it onto the table. “Today’s coffee is my treat. When you go back, remember to send your mother my greetings.”

After she spoke, she closed the private room door, and the sound of her high heels outside grew increasingly faint.

“Young Master, this woman has gone too far!” Liam was furious. “Thousands of people want to collaborate with Digion Technology, but they don’t stand a chance. We handed her the opportunity today, but she actually dared to throw the contract on the table. How could such an ungrateful person exist?”

George’s expression was cold as he flipped open the document. He had drafted countless documents, but he had spent an entire night drafting this particular one.

He had planted a hidden loophole in this contract.

He thought that no other person besides his father would discover the loophole.

Unexpectedly, that woman realized it was a fake contract right after she took a look.

She was too smart.

She could easily avoid the trap that he had set up.

“Young Master, what should we do now?” Liam cautiously asked.

“Keep an eye on LaStar Technology Corporation. If they make any moves, report to me immediately.” “Yes, Young Master.”

When Adina returned to her office, she arranged and backed up all of the company’s confidential information again.

For some unknown reason, when she saw the four-year-old boy sitting at the table and negotiating with her, she had a strong sense of crisis. The child looked brilliant. He had inherited Dew’s slyness, and he was much cleverer than Dew. Being targeted by a child like that gave her a constant bad feeling. Adina only drove to the preschool to pick up her kids after she strengthened the company’s firewall