Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 186

Chapter 186 

Meanwhile, she had used Harold to win the trust of the Winters family.

That woman was such a conniving b*stard.

He had to be on guard against her.

Adina picked up the kids and went home.

While she was cooking in the kitchen, she received a video call from Harold.

“Aunt Adina, why didn’t you come and visit me?” She heard Harold’s weak voice. “I’m alone in the hospital, and I’m so bored. Can you come and keep me company? I want you to read me a story…”

Adina waved the spoon in her hand. “It’s too late today. I’ll visit you tomorrow and also bring some chicken soup that I made for you.”

“You’re the best, Aunt Adina! You’re my favorite person!”

Adina smiled faintly. “You should rest now. Don’t stay up too long.”

“Aunt Adina, could you please give me a goodnight kiss.”

Harold pouted at the phone screen. His head was still wrapped in gauze. When he made that gesture, he looked pitiful but hilarious.

Adina chuckled as she kissed the screen and hung up. She brought the soup she had cooked to the dining room and saw her two children staring at her with worry-filled eyes.

She was slightly surprised, and she asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Mom, I heard Harold’s voice just now.” Alden pursed his lips before he asked, “Is he in the hospital?”

Adina pulled out a chair and sat down. “Are you worried about him?” she asked in a soft voice.

Harold had visited their home a few times, and Alden had been unhappy about it the entire time.

She naturally realized that Alden did not like Harold very much.

Hence, she did not tell the kids about Harold being admitted to the hospital today.

She was surprised to see Alden taking the initiative to ask her about it. Besides, his gaze was filled with worry. “I’m not worried about him.” Alden looked away awkwardly. “Mel likes him. I’m asking for


Melody widened her eyes, which were usually aloof. They were filled with worry at that moment.

Adina stroked Melody’s curly hair and said, “Harold got in a car accident this afternoon, but

he’s fine now. He’ll be discharged after a few days of observation in the hospital. Don’t worry.” Alden was stunned, and he asked, “Where was the accident? When did it happen?” Adina spoke only after she arranged the cutlery. “In front of Daugherty Corporation, and it was about 3:30 pm.”

Alden’s heart suddenly skipped a beat.

Harold had shown up in front of the preschool at 3.00 pm and gotten into an accident half an hour later.

If Alden had not chased Harold away, the accident would not have occurred.

He suddenly felt guilty.

“Mom, can we visit him tomorrow?” Alden subconsciously asked. It was immediately followed by, “Mel wants to visit him. I’ll accompany her.”

Adina did not want to expose him either. She just smiled and nodded. “Sure, we’ll go to the hospital after school tomorrow.”

The next morning, Adina drove to her studio after she sent her kids to their preschool.

LaStar Technology Corporation was the name of her studio. It had been established half a month ago, and she had pretty much settled down for the time being

As soon as she sat down in her office, her assistant, Serene Reyes, walked in and reported,” Ms. Daugherty, the person in charge of Digion Technology called us. He said that they want to discuss a collaboration with you in the afternoon.”

Adina played with a pen in her hand. “Digion Technology?”