Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 183

Chapter 183

Ever since George turned three, he had started to get involved in business. The company in his hands was a subsidiary company that Winters Corporation had planned to divest two years ago.

He took over the company the day before it announced its bankruptcy.

After his management this year, Digion Technology became one of the top three most profitable subsidiary companies under Winters Corporation. George had just finished attending a meeting, and he kept having a bad feeling. He always looked calm. Only when he felt disturbed would he look anxious like a four-year old child.

Liam Munoz, his young assistant, respectfully said, “Young Master, your work today is almost done. Would you like to go back and rest first?”

George shook his head.

He held his chest and kept feeling unwell. Did something happen to Harold? He took out his phone. Just as he was about to call Mr. Brown, his phone on the table vibrated. He cast a glance at it, and the incoming call was from his mother. He pursed his lips and answered the call, “Mom, what is it?” “George, something happened to your brother.”

Dew’s teary voice came from the other end of the line, and George instantly stood up.

He had started to feel uneasy an hour ago. Did this mean that it had been at least an hour since something happened to Harold?

The call came too late!

George walked out while he asked, “Mom, what happened to Harold? How is he right now?”

“He was hit by a sports car, and he lost a lot of blood. I nearly thought that he would die.” George’s heart sank He staggered and nearly fell down. “But his surgery is over, and he’s already conscious. Don’t worry, George.” Only then did George feel alive again. He took a deep breath before he asked, “Which hospital is Harold in now?”

“George, don’t be nervous. I’m calling you because I want to tell you something else.”

Dew stood in front of the hospital, and her eyes were totally profound.

She smiled faintly and spoke firmly, but her tone was filled with a creepy coldness,

“Harold met with the car accident in front of Daugherty Corporation. He desperately wanted

To see Adina, so he was hit by the sports car on the road! This accident is very strange, and I think it was done intentionally. I also heard it was a hit-and-run. Your dad is doing something, but he still hasn’t found the driver yet.

“Adina was also on the scene where Harold’s accident occurred. She immediately saved Harold and donated blood to him. Harold has a negative blood type, and it’s a very rare blood type. Sea City General Hospital always stores this blood type, but it was used up last night. The coincidences are terrifying.

“Now, Adina has become Harold’s savior and a VIP to the Winters family.”

Listening to Dew’s description on the phone, George’s expression turned cold. He got into a car and firmly asked, “Mom, are you saying that Adina arranged the accident?” “I’m just making a logical guess,” Dew slowly said. “She hates me. She can’t wait to rip me apart, but I’m an adult, so she can’t deal with me. Therefore, she harmed Harold instead. She has used this accident and successfully made your dad lower his guard. George, your dad trusts her a lot. He even allowed her to stay in the ward to take care of Harold.”

George thought about Adina. That woman looked beautiful and gentle when she smiled. Would she ruthlessly hurt Harold?