Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 179

Chapter 179

Mr. Brown cried pitifully and miserably. He held Adina’s wrist and continued to cry. “I watched the young master grow up. I’ve held, coaxed, and fed him from when he was a baby. How can he leave like this? It’s all my fault. If it weren’t for me, nothing would have happened to him…”

“Mr. Brown, I told you, Harold is fine. He really is alright. Please don’t curse him,” Adina said out loud.

“How can he be fine? The young master lost so much blood. He was just breathing out without breathing in. Without negative type blood, the young master won’t be able to survive!” Mr. Brown cried so much that he kept gasping. “How can I explain this to the master? I’m going to die…”

Adina was totally helpless.

Besides, she felt a little dizzy. Her legs felt weak after standing for a long time.

The Winters family bodyguard came over at this time. He handed the surgery bill to Mr. Brown. “Sir, 800 ml of negative type blood has been sent into the operating theater. The doctor said the young master is fine. He will recover after the surgery.”

When Mr. Brown saw the words on the bill, his eyes slowly lit up. He said in disbelief, “He’s really fine! The young master is really fine! Where did this 800 ml negative type of blood come from?”

The bodyguard gratefully looked at Adina. “Ms. Daugherty donated it.” Mr. Brown slowly looked away and stared at Adina. “Ms. Daugherty, you have a negative blood type?”

Adina nodded.

She had donated 800ml of blood at once, and she felt extremely dizzy now.

She leaned on the wall and sat down on the chair.

She had never been injured like that since she was little, so she did not know that she had a negative blood type. It was until Melody had a lung infection and coughed up blood about four years and three months ago. She suddenly lost a lot of blood, and only then did Adina know that Melody inherited her negative blood type. She saved Melody once, and she saved Harold once now.

She suddenly felt blessed that she was a negative blood type as she could save people whom she loved

“That’s wonderful! The young master can be saved!” Mr. Brown wept with joy, and he was extremely worked up. He suddenly remembered something. Was Ms. Adina Daugherty not Dew’s biological sister? In other words, Ms. Daugherty was the young master’s aunt.

It seemed to be logical when the aunt and nephew had similar blood types.

If he had known this, he would have called Ms. Dew Daugherty first and would not have cried so embarrassingly

Only then did Mr. Brown realize that he had behaved in an embarrassing manner. He cleared his throat and said, “I have to inform the master first so that he won’t worry.”

In front of the hospital now, Dew’s heart was tense.

She stared at Duke’s cold and profound face, and she was so scared that her limbs went weak.

Did Duke find out anything, so he forced her to do the blood test using Harold’s accident? If he forcefully took her to the hospital, what should she do? “Duke, Harold is injured. I’m very worried and scared, so I yelled at you. I’m sorry…” Dew knew how to show her inferiority. Her eyes were teary. “Can we go and take a look at Harold first?”

She proceeded to grab Duke’s hand, but he swatted her away with great force.

Something crossed Duke’s mind.

He frowned and thought about it, but he was unable to catch the important bit. The most important thing now was Harold. He was not in mood to think about anything else.