Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 177

Chapter 177

Dew was lying on the couch while eating grapes in the Daugherty family home. Ruby peeled the grapes’ skin for her while she said, “Duke asked you to play the song again? It seems that he really likes the piano. You have to cater to his taste. Learn from Ms. Alice properly. Maybe Duke will fall for you one day.”

Dew smiled proudly. “I’m thinking of the same thing, but Harold is too wicked. He doesn’t allow me to play piano in the Winters family.”

“Why does that b*stard always go against you?” Ruby asked coldly. “We shouldn’t have sent him to enjoy his life in the Winters family.” “It’s useless to say these now.” Dew’s expression darkened. “After I successfully marry Duke, I’ll teach him some lessons.”

While they talked, a servant walked inside in a hurry. “Madam, Miss, Mr. Winters is here.” Right after the servant spoke, Duke walked inside very quickly. Dew immediately got up from the sofa. She tucked her hair and excitedly went forward. “Duke, why did you come? Why didn’t you inform me early? I’m not prepared yet…”

Duke grabbed her wrist coldly and took her out. “Duke, why are you grabbing me? Where are you bringing me to? I haven’t changed my shoes.”

Dew’s wrist was in pain from the grip, but she felt extremely excited. This man was very indifferent. He had never approached her or touched her. After she played the piano for him today, he actually came to the Daugherty family home and looked for her after two hours.

He even took her into the car without saying anything.

She really liked his quiet overbearing behavior. She hoped that he could be more brutal and rude. It would be best if he threw her in the backseat of the car and tore her clothes into pieces.

Dew was thinking too much, though. By the time she snapped out of her daze, the car had already been driven out of the Daugherty family villa.

She obsessively looked at Duke’s side profile, but she realized that his gaze was profound and cold like it would rain heavily on a cloudy day. She had a bad feeling for some reason. “Duke, what happened?” Duke held the steering wheel, pursed his lips, and coldly said, “Harold’s been in a car accident.” Dew opened her eyes in shock She was thinking about how she could discreetly teach Harold a lesson after she became Mrs.


But now she heard that this b*stard had been in a car accident. For some reason, she actually felt subtly happy.

But soon she realized that she was Harold’s “biological mother”, and her eyes instantly became teary. “Duke, are… are you joking? Isn’t Harold ground by you? Why would he be in a car accident?”

“He sneaked out and got hit by a sports car. He lost a lot of blood.” Duke’s voice was very deep, and he slowly said, “The negative blood type in all the hospitals in Sea City have been used up, so I can only come to you.” Dew curled her fingers. “Why… Why do you need me?”

“The doctor said the negative blood type is mostly inherited from the mother, so I will let the doctor examine if you have the same blood type as Harold.”

Duke turned the steering wheel strongly. The car made a spin and overtook three cars. Five minutes later, the car stopped in front of a small hospital. Dew instantly widened her eyes.

Blood examination?

Was it easy to examine that she had a different DNA from Harold?

If Duke found out that she was not Harold’s biological mother, all her sweet dreams would be shattered.

“Duke, I don’t have negative blood!” Dew immediately said, “Instead of wasting time on me, why don’t you contact other citizens in Sea City who have the negative type…”

“How can you know before you try?” Duke parked the car before he dragged Dew’s hand and went into the hospital.