Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 175

Chapter 175

Adina came to Daugherty Corporation to discuss the Boyd Corporation project. After she confirmed the details, she was about to drive away.

Right then, she heard the loud sound of a car braking.

She instantly turned around and looked at the main road. She saw a silver sports car and a four -year-old kid, who had run in front of the car.

When the kid heard the car honking, he stopped running. But the silver car was unable to stop, and it just hit him.


Adina’s heart pounded extremely fast.

She kicked open her car door. Before she realized what happened, she had already run to the main road.

But there were too many cars on the road. When she ran over, Harold was hit by the car, and he fell down on the asphalt road.

The car honking around instantly became an invisible background with some buzzing sounds. Adina felt her legs move weakly. She staggered as she walked over, and she squatted in front of Harold. “Harold, are… are you okay? Are you in pain?” Then, she saw a lot of blood flowing out of Harold’s head. The sight of the blood made Adina’s head light. She suddenly came up with the scenario in the warehouse of the Daugherty family four years ago.

That night, she gave birth to four kids, and the floor of the warehouse was also flooded with blood.

Her heart seemed to be fired a shot suddenly, and millions of holes were formed.

“Aunt Adina, I… I came to see you… I miss you…” Harold lay on the ground and smiled faintly. He uttered that sentence with difficulty. Adina instantly cried. Meanwhile, the silver sports car behind her suddenly started, and it instantly disappeared on the main road before everyone snapped out of their daze. The car was driven in a hurry. It even hit two cars continuously, which made the crowd on the road scold it. “Young Master! What happened, Young Master?” Mr. Brown came late.

When he saw Harold lying on the ground covered in blood, he covered his chest. His eyes rolled to the back, and he instantly collapsed. Adina casually wiped away her tears before she looked at the Winters family bodyguard who had run over with Mr. Brown. “Take good care of Mr. Brown. I’ll take Harold to the hospital,” she said coldly.

She squatted down and plucked up her courage to lift the boy up.

At this time, Harold already fainted. His face was extremely pale.

Adina dared not touch him, but only she could touch him.

Her fingers were stained with blood, and she felt dizzy again.

She forcefully held herself back. She carried Harold, put him in the backseat of her car, and stepped on the accelerator. She quickly drove to the hospital. Mr. Brown suddenly woke up as his car moved speedily on the road. He opened his blurry old eyes and stared at the driver who drove the car. “Did I have a nightmare just now? I dreamed that the young master was in an accident.” “Mr. Brown, you weren’t dreaming. The young master was really in a car accident,” the bodyguard calmly said. When he saw Mr. Brown’s eyes roll back again, he immediately said, ” The young master lost a lot of blood, so he’ll need a blood transfusion for treatment. Mr. Brown, please contact the hospital immediately.”

Mr. Brown held his chest and struggled to say, “You… You must be lying…”

The bodyguard suddenly stepped on the brakes, and the car stopped in front of the hospital.“ Ms. Adina Daugherty sent the young master to this hospital.” Mr. Brown looked up. It was a small hospital that he had never heard of.