Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 174

Chapter 174

He would not show any friendly expression to someone who kept going after his mother and sister!

Harold quickly ran to the main street, where he immediately saw a familiar car.

“Oh gosh, Young Master, my boss, please stop running away.” Mr. Brown got out of the car, and his old, haggard face was full of wrinkles.

The young master had to play a jailbreak scene once a week, and his old body could not bear the torment.

Once the master returned, he would have to ask him to hire more bodyguards to guard the · main gate of the house.

“Young Master, stop! There’s a car!”

Mr Brown watched as a car drove toward Harold, and he was so shocked that he almost had a heart attack

Luckily, the car was able to stop in time, so no tragedy happened.

Harold opened the car’s door and got into the car.

Then, the car was driven away.

“Oh, my gosh! Wait! My little boss, don’t run away!”

Mr Brown was so tired that he kept gasping. He immediately turned around, got into his car, and ordered, “Hurry, follow the car in front of us. We can’t let the young master run away!”

When Harold saw Mr. Brown’s car through the rear-view mirror, he pursed his lips and said, ” Sir, please drive faster to get rid of the car behind us.”

The driver held the steering wheel and said in resignation, “Kid, do you have money?’

He did not want to work so hard and earn nothing in the end.

“Of course, I do!” Harold casually reached into his pocket and took out a few hundred dollars. When he sneaked out of his home for the first time, it was hard for him to go anywhere because he did not bring money

Later on, he became sinart. He would stuff a few hundred dollars in every shirt. When the driver saw the money, he instantly became motivated. He stepped on the scelerator and speedily overtook a low cars.

Mr Brownı almost fainted in the car behind them,

The young master used to just run away, but he had now learned how to take a cab. There were can everywhere on the road. It was too dangerous.

If anything happened to the young master, the master would not spare him. Mr. Brown slowed down the car and asked the bodyguard to follow the young master from afar, not getting too close to him. “Kid, where do you want to go?” The driver recalled that he did not have a destination only after he drove around the main road, Harold rested his chin on his hand as he frowned and said, “I don’t know where the place is.” Today was not a weekend, so Aunt Adina should be working in the company. However, he did not remember what Aunt Adina’s company was called. But, he had heard from George that Aunt Adina had joined Daugherty Corporation’s shareholders meeting He pursed his lips and said, “Please go to Daugherty Corporation.”

The driver made a turn, and the car headed toward Daugherty Corporation. The Daugherty Corporation building was situated at the city center. Even if it was not during peak hours, traffic would always be terrible. Before the car reached Daugherty Corporation, Harold opened the car door and jumped out. The driver freaked out. “Kid, this is the main road. You can’t get out. It’s too dangerous. Get in the car now! Come on!” But Harold ran even faster.

He was still one hundred meters away from the Daugherty Corporation building, but he could clearly see Adina walk out of the building. He also noticed that a car door was open. Adina was bending down to get into the car.

If he arrived late, Aunt Adina would leave!

He had to rush over before Aunt Adina left!

Beep! Loud sounds of car brakes and honks were suddenly heard!