Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 172

Chapter 172

When Dew started playing the piano, he could still hold himself back from going down to make a fuss.

But later, the woman actually caught his father’s attention.

His father even gazed at her!

If his dad fell for this bad woman, he would marry her. Once that happened, he would have to call this woman “Mom.”

He just wanted Aunt Adina to be his mom!

When Harold thought of that, he became angrier and shouted, “Stop playing the piano

seduce my dad! I hate you the most!” As soon as Harold said that, Duke’s gaze suddenly turned cold. It was really ridiculous for a four-year-old boy to say the word “seduce.”

He got up and gave Harold on the second floor a cold, profound gaze. “Come down and apologize to your mother.”

“Forget it, Duke. Harold is just four years old. He doesn’t know any better. He’s just spoiled.” Dew smoothed the situation over in a sobbing tone. “He hates me so much. I must have done something wrong.”

George clenched his fists.

It sounded as if his mother was defending Harold, but she could be adding fuel to the fire.

Nevertheless, Harold was ridiculous. He had learned the word “seduce” from somewhere and used it on their mom.

No wonder their dad got so angry. George remained silent for a few seconds before he said, “I didn’t make a good arrangement for this. Mom’s piano practice in the Winters family villa will definitely prevent Harold from studying. Perhaps we should do this. Mom, you can practice the piano in the courtyard of our house.”

When Dew heard that, she became flustered. If she went to the courtyard, it would be difficult for her to meet Duke again. She wanted to show him more of her piano skills. How could she just leave like that? Just as she was about to speak, Harold shouted from the second floor again. “Your playing was terrible, yet you still want to keep playing the piano. I feel ashamed for you!” After he spoke, he turned around, went into his room, and closed the door with a loud thud. Duke massaged his forehead while he coldly ordered, “Mr. Brown, ground him for three days. He isn’t allowed to step out of his room,”

Mr. Brown silently nodded in acknowledgment,

In reality, the master could not ground the young master all the time.

The young master was too smart and clever. If Mr. Brown took a nap, the young master would be able to sneak out of the house,

But this time, he would guard the main door!

“You can continue practicing the piano here,” Duke said indifferently. “Two hours every day.”

After he said that, he left the villa with his briefcase.

A while later, the sound of a car starting came from the yard, and Duke drove away

Only then did Dew’s anxious heart calm down. She looked at George, who was standing in the living room, and gently said, “George, thank you for getting Ms. Alice to be my teacher . Luckily, you’re here, or else, I wouldn’t know what to do.”

George pursed his lips.

Dad had allowed Mom to play the song again, and that decision had surprised him a lot.

He knew that his dad loved to listen to piano concerts, but he did not expect his dad to be interested in his mom’s piano playing.

He wondered if this was good or bad news,

He cast a glance at the closed room door on the second floor, walked upstairs, and gave it a knock. “Harold, it’s me. Open the door.”

“No! I won’t open it! George, you’ve gone too far! You helped that woman seduce Dad! Dad can only be with Aunt Adina! I hate all of you!” When George heard Harold’s nonsense, he pursed his lips further. Adina again Ever since Harold got to know that woman, he had become obsessed. Not only did he not like his biological mother, but also he was very close to that woman who held a grudge against their mother.