Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 171

Chapter 171

Dew’s heart was filled with excitement.

She had known Duke for four years, and he was asking her a personal question for the first time.

Did this mean that he had started to become interested in her? She took a deep breath before she smiled gently and said, “Yes, I enrolled in Sea City High School with the highest score in the city.”

She and Adina had both ranked first. Duke nodded indifferently. “Did you learn piano in the past?”

“My preschool teacher realized that I played the piano quite well, so my parents sent me for piano lessons. I got busy after I enrolled in university, so I haven’t played the piano for a few years.” Dew explained very briefly, but her tone was filled with pride that could not be hidden. “I didn’t know that Ms. Alice would still acknowledge even though I haven’t practiced the piano for four years.” Duke gently rubbed his fingers. “Did you play piano in Sea City High School previously?” Dew did not know why he was asking her about that, but she honestly answered, “Sometimes when I was unable to make it to the piano training center, I would practice in the school’s music room. But I just did it a few times.”

Duke pursed his lips. No wonder when he went to hear the song in Sea City High School again, he no longer heard the impressive piece.

After eight years, he thought he had forgotten its melody. When Dew started playing the piece, he realized, to his surprise, that the song had been imprinted in his heart, and it had become an unforgettable memory. He looked up and perfunctorily asked, “Can you play the song again?” “Of course!”

Dew was excited. She had bet on the right thing!

Duke was truly interested in the piano!

If she had known that this would happen, she would not have wasted the past four years on efforts without any progress. Luckily, she had George. Luckily, George was helping her! Dew sat down in front of the piano again. Perhaps she was too excited, or perhaps she was thinking about something else. Compared with the first time, the melody of the second play was completely different.

It grew increasingly different from the melody in Duke’s memory

Duke frowned

Right then…

Bang! Someone pulled open the bedroom door with great force upstairs Harold walked out, leaned on the railing on the second floor, and angrily yelled, “Are you done yet? You’re so noisy!” The sound of the piano instantly stopped. Duke raised his eyebrows indifferently. “How can it bother you?”

The sound insulation of every room in the Winters family villa was excellent. When Dew played the piano on the first floor, it was impossible for Harold to hear it from the room on the second floor

Harold bit his bottom lip and shouted, “It bothers me! I won’t allow this bad woman to play the piano in my house!”

Anger flashed in his eyes as if he wanted to burn Dew with fire.

Dew’s fingers trembled. She did not understand why Harold hated her so much. She had finally found the key to Duke’s heart, but Harold had suddenly appeared and ruined her plan She stood up and spoke in a teary and sorrowful tone. “Harold, I’m practicing the piano here because I want to keep you and George company more often. How can you call me a ‘bad woman’? Why do you want to chase me out?”

“You’re a bad woman. You’re the worst woman in the world!” Harold put his hands on his waist while he yelled fiercely. He had not been serious with his studies, so he had heard the noise downstairs for a long time