Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 170

Chapter 170

Suddenly, she wanted to give up.

But when she turned around, she saw Duke sitting on the couch.

The man, who had initially been reading his documents, was raising his head and seriously listening to Alice.

That meant Duke was very interested in the piano.

Dew closed her eyes and slowly opened them again. “Ms. Alice, can I try it one more time?”

“Of course, you can.” Alice smiled faintly and said, “First of all, you need to relax. Let yourself relax before you immerse yourself in the song’s atmosphere. When the emotions brew in your heart, let those emotions flow into your fingertips like water and pour them on the keys.” Dew nodded and sat by the piano again. When she learned the piano in her youth, Adina had patiently taught her the techniques before her relationship with Adina broke apart. However, she hated Adina, so why would she accept the skills that Adina taught her? Only now did she realize that those things Adina had said were extremely similar to Alice’s advice.

She closed her eyes and slowly conjured up the image of the teenage Adina sitting by the piano in her mind.

She did not know how to blend her emotions into the song, but she could play the song just like Adina did.

Before turning eighteen, she and Adina had been close sisters. She listened to Adina play the piano every day, and some melodies were imprinted in her heart. She could even imitate Adina’s composure when she played the piano. This time, Dew did not play “Fur Elise.” Instead, she played “Melody of the Night 5,” which was an introductory piano piece that the teenage Adina always practiced. When Dew played the song, Duke was suddenly stunned.

He had heard this song before. When he was eighteen years old, he had returned to his alma mater, Sea City High School, to give a talk When he passed by the musical room, he heard this impressive song.

This piece was very common, and there were a lot of ways to play it, but it had been his first time hearing someone mix sadness and happiness in such a delicate way.

He just saw a young lady playing the piano. By the time the talk was over and he went over again, the young lady was gone. He would later dream about the melody for many nights.

Now, he was actually hearing the melody again after eight years. Duke looked at Dew, and his gaze slowly became complicated. When the song ended, Alice could not help but clap her hands. “Ms. Daugherty, you’re incredibly gifted. I just casually reminded you, and you managed to understand my advice so quickly.” Dew sighed heavily. “I just played it on the fly. I hope you don’t think that I was doing the song injustice, Ms. Alice.” “I’ve heard ‘Melody of the Night 5,’ more than a thousand times, but this is my first time hearing it played in such a way.” Alice’s gaze was filled with admiration. “You have great potential. If you learn from me properly, I believe that you’ll be able to succeed in the piano world.”

Dew subconsciously looked at Duke, just in time to see him staring at her in the eyes.

Her heart instantly pounded. It was the first time that this man stared at her directly.

George was indeed paving a path for her to marry into the Winters family. She would not let George down.

Alice coached her for two hours before she left. During that time, Duke sat in the living room.

It was only after Alice left that he raised his head and slowly asked, “Did you study at Sea City High School?”