Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 169

Chapter 169 

Alice was thirty two years old, which was the most mature and charming age for a woman.

She was a blonde lady Her curly golden hair fell on her shoulders, het eyes were green, and her nose was straight. She emanated an elegant auta.

Duke was holding a contract and getting ready to leave

He was not interested in anything related to Dew If Dew wanted to practice piano in the daytime, he would not come home during that period

Just as he was about to leave, he saw Alice coming in

He raised his eyebrows and looked slightly surprised

George had actually hired the famous skilled pianist to be Dew’s teacher

Duke had attended one of Alice’s concerts in the past, and he had been very impressed He pulled back the foot that he had already extended and reached out to Alice “Me Alice

Alice elegantly smiled. “Mr Winters, I’ve heard about you for a long time We’ve finally met today It’s an honor

When Dew saw this, she was slightly taken aback

She had been with Duke for four years and had aluo ftuct some clients with him that no matter how great his client’s baskyround was, Duke would look indifferent it was her first time seeing Duke take the initiative to shake hands with someone else

Did this mean that Duke respected Alice very much

If she successfully became Alice’s student, would Duke change his mind about her? When Dew thought about it, she walked over “Mx Alice, I’m Dew Daugherty I’ll be your student *

Alice turned around she looked at Dew’s fingers before she looked at the piano in the living room. “Let me hear you play so that I can determine your level first,” she said indifferently

Dew nodded She sat in front of the piano and familiarly played “Fur Elise”

Alice stood aside to observe Dew’s composure when she played the piano while she carefully listened to every musical note

After the song, she nodded and said, “I heard from Mr. Winters that you have a Grade 9 m piano You’re really good, and your use of the techniques is skillful Bot..”

When Dew heard the front part of the sentence, whe was quite happy But when Alice suddenly changed her attitude, Dew’s heart skipped a beat

Motore Alle resurred, she already knew wiat Alter was going to say

She recalled the period when she attended plano lessons with Adina during her treuage 1 Alter every performance, the teacher would say the played very well before she wlded a “out”

and deny all her accomplishments.

She could still remember those things that the teacher had said to her.

“You know the piano very well, so no matter what song you are given, you can play it perfectly. But you lack emotions. It’s very hard to describe emotions, and I can’t describe them either. You can listen to your sister, Adina, while she plays the piano. Her piano sound has a realm that you’re unable to reach, but the two of you can talk about it…”

Those comments from a decade ago still lingered around Dew’s mind.

She clenched her fists tightly before she slowly said, “Ms. Alice, please give me your opinion.”

Alice nonchalantly said, “The tone of the song ‘Fur Elise’ is simple and intimate. It is a score written by Beethoven for a young girl, and the music is smooth and joyful, gentle and intimate You played it smoothly, and while it was in a cheerful tune, I couldn’t feel the emotions behind it at all. All I could hear were cold chords.”

Her voice overlapped with the voice of a particular piano teacher in Dew’s memories.

Even their comments were the same.

Dew’s vision suddenly blurred, and she nearly fainted.

She had tried to correct her mistake for a decade, yet there was no improvement. She did not think that she could correct it by practicing the piano with Alice…