Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 167

Chapter 167

When Adina exited the piano shop, the children were already waiting for her outside while holding each other’s hands.

When Alden saw Dew earlier, he immediately brought Melody out

The last time Melody met Dew outside their preschool, she had a nightmare, so he dared not let Melody meet Dew face to face again “Mom, didn’t you buy a piano?” Alden raised his head and asked

Just as Adina was about to answer, her phone vibrated in her pocket

She glanced at the incoming call and looked a little surprised

This person had not contacted her for one year

“Mr. Albert, is anything up?”

“I came to Sea City to watch a piano performance yesterday, and I thought about you. This is your hometown, right?” A haggard voice came from the phone “Do you still remember what I told you a year ago?”

Adina paused for a while “I’ve lost iny childhood enthusiasm toward the piano”

“You’re gifted at playing the plano. Why don’t you use that gift to the fullest)” Mr Albert uttered some heartfelt words. “I’ve only accepted one student, and your talent is even more impressive than his.”

Adina pursed her lips before she lowered her head and looked at Melody

The little girl stared in the piano shop’s direction with her big, clear eyes

Somebody was playing a song on the piano in the shop, and the little girl shook her head along with the music

Suddenly, the song stopped, and the girl’s eyes were filled with sad confusion Adina held on to her phone “Mr. Albert, would you accept another student?” “If I’m not planning to take anyone in, why would I be calling you?” Mr. Albert thought she had finally changed her mind, so he added, “I’m in Sea City at the moment, and i’ll leave in two days. If you have the time, we can meet up.” “Okay, we’ll meet tomorrow then.” Adina hung up, squatted down, and stared at Melody’s dumbfounded eyes. “Mel, tell me, do you really want to learn the piano?” The little girl, who did not usually respond to her environment, opered her eyes and stared at Adina before she nodded strongly “Okay, I’d take you to a techar tomorrow.” Adina usted faintly and weaponded dowly


Initially, she had just wanted to cultivate Melody’s interest in playing the piano. It did not matter whether she could play it well. However, right then, she saw an enthusiasm for playing the piano in her daughter’s eyes. Perhaps Melody could really step out from her closed world by playing the piano.

The next morning, Dew got the shop to deliver her piano to the Winters family villa. When George asked her to learn the piano, she raised a condition; she had to learn in the Winters family villa.

George agreed without asking her for the reason. George was the only Winters family member who would be so generous to her.

Duke was reading some documents in the living room. Suddenly, he saw Dew bringing a few staff members in.

The four staff members moved the heavy piano into the living room, creating some piercing sounds.

“What are you doing?”

Duke closed his documents, and his expression was cold. He started to emanate an invisible aura, which seemed to cover the top of the living room like a net.

The staff members, who were already gasping, instantly sweated like a cow. Dew also felt nervous for some reason. She suddenly regretted saying those explicit words. It made her feel awkward as she met Duke. She erased that scenario from her mind before she curled her lips into a gentle smile. “Duke, don’t you know yet? George found me a piano teacher, and my first lesson is this afternoon.”