Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 162

Chapter 162

Elina immediately passed the performance charts over. When Adina flipped through the performance charts, she smiled coldly. The performance charts were divided into internal employee ratings and department leadership ratings, followed by department administration ratings. Queenie’s internal employee and department leadership ratings were not even 20%, but she scored 100% in department administration ratings.

Every performance chart over the last two years was the same. The level of dishonesty was terrible.

Did Dew think nobody dared to make a fuss over this, so she could be lazy about finding an excuse to fake the performance charts?

“According to Daugherty Corporation’s rules, staff members will be fired if their performance remains poor for three consecutive months,” Adina said indifferently. “You can go to the Administration Department and get this month’s salary now.”

Queenie widened her eyes. “Are you firing me? Adina Daugherty, how can you do this?” “I can do this based on these performance charts.” Adina raised her arm and threw the performance charts on the table callously. “You’ve failed for twenty consecutive months. It’s good enough that I’m not asking you to return the salary you’ve received. You have to leave in half an hour.”

“I’m not leaving!” Queenie said angrily. “You’re abusing your power for your personal interest. This is a malicious retaliation!”

Adina chuckled. “Tell me, why would I exact revenge on you?”

“Because I’m Dew’s friend, and you want to eliminate people who aren’t on your side.” Queenie gritted her teeth and said, “If Dew finds out that you’re dealing with me, she won’t spare you.” Adina shrugged. “Up to you.”

She took her cup and went to the pantry to get some water. She did not care about Queenie at all.

Queenie gritted her teeth in fury. Many people stared at her. Some were happy about her misfortune, some were afraid of being involved, while others sighed in relief.

“What are you looking at? Why are you looking at me?” Queenie yelled. “You’re all going to be fired soon too!”

She did not pack her stuff and just walked out angrily with her phone. Elina was slightly worried, and she frowned as she walked into the manager’s office. “Ms. Daugherty, if you just fire her like that, you’ll be in trouble..”

Adina drank some warm water before she nonchalantly asked, “Doesn’t the manager of the Sales Department have the right to fire a staff member?”

“That’s not what I mean…” Elina lowered her voice. “Ms. Dew is the heiress of Daugherty Corporation, and Mr. Daugherty also cares about her very much. That’s why he made Ms. Dew the general manager. Although she isn’t working in the company now, she has a lot of her people in the company’s other departments. If those people trouble the Sales Department on purpose, we’ll have a hard time doing our job.” “Don’t worry. I’m here.” Adina flashed her a faint smile. Elina was taken aback for a while.

Adina was a few years younger than her, but she could see Adina’s mature and strong aura · Elina was nearly thirty years old, but Adina’s smile comforted her.

She finally believed those words in the books. Some people were born to be a leader, and Adina was gifted with that ability.

Elina might have felt a little aggrieved from being demoted before today, but from that moment on, her heart was completely calmed. Perhaps it was precious luck to work with Ms. Daugherty. At this time, Dew received a call from Queenie. “Dew, your sister is awful!” Queenie cried and complained, “On the first day she came to the Sales Department, she insulted me in front of everyone. She fired me! I’m not good at anything, so it’s reasonable for me to be fired! But Dew, I’m your best friend. Everyone in the company knows that we’re closer than biological sisters. Doesn’t it mean that she’s slapping you in the face by treating me like this? It’s fine if I suffer, but I’m afraid that others in the company will criticize you.” Dew narrowed her eyes. “What did you say? Adina fired you? How dare she?!”