Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 161

Chapter 161

Elina walked out of the manager’s office with a dark expression

Queenie scoffed. “New superiors have new rules, She must have implemented her first rule on you, the former manager. Elina, if you want to stay in Daugherty Corporation, you can talk to me nicely. Perhaps I can help you beg Dew to let you continue working in the company.”

Elina stared at her with a complicated gaze. “Aren’t you worried at all?”

“Why should I be worried?” Queenie sneered, “I’m Dew’s best friend. No matter what I say, she’ll listen to me!”

She had also been involved when Dew set Adina up that year, so it meant that she also held Dew’s biggest secret. Therefore, whenever she requested something, Dew would generally not turn her down.

She stared at Elina arrogantly. “You always disrespected me when you were the manager I’m a generous person, so I won’t remember your transgressions. If you apologize to me, I’ll call Dew now.”

Elina’s expression darkened.

Did she disrespect Queenie or did Queenie purposely cause her trouble?

She took a deep breath and said, “It’s not necessary.” She quickly walked into the archive room.

“Tsk!” Queenie scoffed. “You’re going to be fired, yet you’re still acting like a manager. How funny!”

She sat in her seat in a twisted position before she took out some nail polish from her drawer and started applying it to her fingernails. She did not treat this place as an office. When Elina came out with the file and saw the way Queenie looked, the anger that she had suppressed finally flooded out again.

She was sure that if Ms. Daugherty saw Queenie’s performance chart, she would fire her.

But Queenie was Dew’s friend.

If Ms. Daugherty fired Queenie, it would cause a lot of trouble.

Ms. Daugherty had just been promoted, but she was going to make her superiors unhappy because of this. It would be more disadvantageous to her. As Elina walked, she thought about how she should advise Adina to hold back for the meantime and take things slowly.

Right then, Adina held a cup and walked out of her office.

she came out to get some water, but she was in time to witness Queenie fearlessly doing her nails in the office. The smell of her nail polish permeated the air. Adina put down her cup before she walked over with displeasure.

“Queenie, Queenie…”

People around Queenie reminded her in a low voice, but she did not hear them. She hummed a song as she did her nails.

“You’re doing a great job at applying nail polish. You should open a nail salon.”

A cold voice rang out above Queenie’s head, and she answered, “It’s exhausting to run a nail salon. My slim body can’t bear it.”

After she said that, something suddenly seemed off. When she raised her head, she saw Adina’s cold black eyes.

She was so shocked that she immediately stood up.

However, she soon felt like she had made a big fuss over a minor issue.

Dew had suppressed Adina for so many years that she could not salvage the situation. What could Adina do to her?

When Queenie thought about that, she straightened her posture and stared Adina in the eyes.

“Pass me the file.” Adina extended her arm to Elina