Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 200

Chapter 200

She had only found out that Harold liked Transformers after she asked George about it yesterday

Early in the moming today, she had gone to the store and bought the most luxurious Transformer for Harold

However, that little b*stard actually threw the toy that she had carefully selected to the floor

Could she never inake Harold acknowledge hier as his mother no matter what she did?

“Ms. Daugherty, the young master is still ill, so he needs to rest He can’t experience huge emotional stress. Please step out first. “Mi Brown walked over before he spoke stemly but respectfully

Dew bit her bottom lip and refused to leave

She was there to work hard on rebuilding her relationship with her son How could she just leave like that?

“Mom, please step out first. You can come in after Harold calms down,” George said indifferently

When George said that, she had to listen to him

She left the ward after she turned back and took a look multiple times

However, the moment she stepped out of the ward, her expression became distorted she looked ferocious and scary

Mr Brown sighed. He turned around and left the ward before he gently shut the door Only the brothers were left in the waid.

George sat down by the bed

“George, don’t try to advise me!” Harold bit his lip and said, “I can’t accept a woman who called me a little b*stard’ as my mother!” As soon as he said that, George’s face turned cold.

He pursed his lips and said, “You still remember that?”

“Why wouldn’t I remember?” Harold’s lips were filled with scom “She thought that one-year -old children wouldn’t remember anything she looked down on us.” During their first birthday party, many people visited the Winters family Dew was taking care of him and George. He was so excited that day that he accidentally peed his pants. Once Dew took him to the restroom, she rebuked him as she helped him to change his pants He did not remember what Dew said specifically He just remembered her saying “little be stard” repeatedly He could not forget the hatred and contempt in her eyes.

Later, when he learned how to speak, he told George about it But George remained silent Al that time, Harold realized that Dew had not just insulted him, but she had also secretly cursed George George tried to get him to forget about it, but he could never shut it out. Whenever he saw Dew’s fake concern, he felt disgusted. “George, she’s not qualified to be our mother.” Harold looked down and said, “Do you know that aside from calling me a little b*stard’, she would always pinch the inside of my arm when no one was paying attention. I was still really little back then. I didn’t know how to fight back. I just kept crying Whenever I cried, people would say that I wasn’t a good boy. I was actually a good boy She abused me and secretly pinched me. She gave birth to us, but she doesn’t love us. I’m not great, so it’s no surprise that she doesn’t love me. But George, you’re amazing Yet, why does she seem contemptuous when she looks at you somelimes? “Both of us are her biological sons. Why does she hate us?!” Harold yelled and kept crying, which made the blanket wet with his tears. George’s heart was tightened.

The twins’ telepathy made his eyes tum red too. He took out a tissue to wipe Harold’s tears while he whispered, “Maybe it’s because she became pregnant with us when she was just eighteen Our arrival ruined her calin life and left her with no other choice” Since they were not planned, their mother hated them