Divorce Anxiety Chapter 70

Samuel’s expression stiffened.

No matter how Kathleen cursed at him, he had no complaints.

However, when he heard her expressing her desire to leave, he unknowingly felt very flustered.

“Samuel, I can’t endure living another day with you anymore. Let’s get a divorce immediately.” Kathleen bit her lips. “I only feel disgusted at the sight of you now.”

A cold aura exuded from Samuel’s body. “Why didn’t you tell me you were pregnant?”

“Haha.” Kathleen let out a sneer. “Nothing would have changed even if I told you. Previously, when I asked you what I should do if I got pregnant, you said to abort the baby.”

Samuel froze at that.

He recalled he had indeed spoken such words.

Back then, he didn’t expect himself to fall head over heels for Kathleen in the future.

That was why he said that.

However, his feelings for Kathleen eventually changed.

He discovered he had started to like the woman.

If she told me she was pregnant, I would definitely not…

Teardrops were hanging on Kathleen’s eyelashes. “Samuel, on account of my good behavior for the past three years, can you please divorce me? I no longer love you anymore.”

Kathleen absolutely had no more feelings for this man.

She could put the past matters aside.

Nevertheless, now that Samuel planned to let Nicolette off this easily, she could neither bring herself to forgive him nor continue to live with him.

“You should get some rest,” Samuel’s guttural voice sounded.

Kathleen was undeniably exhausted to the point that she didn’t want to argue with Samuel any further.

She closed her eyes and ignored him completely.

Kathleen also withdrew her hand from Samuel’s grip and turned her back toward him.

Samuel felt an influx of grief in his heart and the pangs of pain that followed.

He waited for Kathleen to fall asleep before getting up to leave.

Samuel came to the place where Sarah and the others were locked up.

Those who had a part in harming Kathleen were all captured.

They were kneeling before Samuel, their eyes brimming with despair.

“Mr. Macari, I thought the instruction came from you.” Sarah trembled in fear.

Samuel coldly responded, “I only ordered you to protect my wife!”

“The voice sounded exactly like you,” Sarah explained.

Samuel’s eyes resembled a bottomless abyss that could devour everything. “Do you think I would ask you to protect her and then order you to drug and harm her the next second?”

Sarah bit her lips and remained silent.

“Also, I discovered someone installed Trojan in your phone and manipulated it. That voice message did not come from me at all.” Samuel adopted a chilly tone.

Sarah insisted, “Mr. Macari, I truly have no idea what is going on! I really know nothing!”

A cold light flickered in Samuel’s eyes. “One will only learn his lesson in the face of death!”

“Do it!” Samuel leaned back slightly.

Two bodyguards came forward and dragged Sarah before a pool.

Realizing what they were about to do to her, Sarah struggled to break free with all her might. “Mr. Macari, please don’t do this. I beg you to give me another chance. I’ll wholeheartedly protect Mrs. Macari.”

Nonetheless, the expression in Samuel’s eyes remained cold and detached.

Tyson said to the two guards, “What are you guys waiting for?”

Without hesitation, the guards dunked Sarah into the pool.

When it was almost time, they pulled her up and repeated the same action until Sarah couldn’t withstand it anymore.

Despite that, Samuel didn’t ask his men to stop.

The doctor and nurses kneeling at the side quivered when they witnessed the scene.

“Mr. Macari, please spare us,” the doctor whimpered. “We truly thought you were the one who gave us the order. We also assumed you would do anything for Ms. Yoeger since you love her so much.”

“I’ll do anything for her?” Ruthlessness flashed across Samuel’s eyes.

“Mr. Macari, you can’t blame us for that. Nicolette was the one who said so,” the doctor pleaded.

Samuel merely snorted. “What led you to have such a misconception?”

The doctor anxiously replied, “Mr. Macari, didn’t you visit Nicolette often in the hospital and shower her with care because you adore her more than Kathleen? In particular, you would always accompany her back to the Yoeger residence even though her family loathed her. Wasn’t that because of love?”

Samuel’s body suddenly turned rigid.

His gaze contained an icy coldness that caused the surroundings to become dim.

All these happened because of me?

He realized he only had himself to blame for leading others to form such misconceptions, which allowed them to bully Kathleen blatantly.

“Apparently, Kathleen could still be saved at that time, but why did you send her to the morgue instead?” Samuel’s gaze turned sinister. “Are you also going to insist I authorized you to take someone’s life?”

The doctor awkwardly looked toward Sarah. “It was her idea.”

Sarah, who got dragged up not long ago, heard the doctor’s comment and immediately collapsed to her knees, begging, “Mr. Macari, please don’t torture me anymore. I wouldn’t dare do that next time! I promise!”

“I already told you there’s no next time,” Samuel callously remarked. “I just want to know who allowed you to do such a thing.”

Sarah gasped heavily for air. “It was Nicolette.”

“Why are you so obedient to her?” Samuel’s gaze turned steely and cold.

Sarah pursed her lips. “Her mother once did my father a favor.”

So, that’s how it is.

“The Trojan in your phone—was that also her doing?” Samuel’s voice was devoid of warmth.

Sarah nodded weakly. “Yes. She said that Kathleen would thoroughly give up if I showed it to her.”

When he recalled Kathleen’s sorrowful yet cold expression, Samuel felt like someone had plunged a knife into his heart.

“Aren’t you afraid that I’ll kill you?” A vicious glare flashed across Samuel’s eyes.

“Ms. Yoeger said that you love her more than anything. Hence, as long as she pleads on our behalf, you’ll let us off.” Sarah summoned her courage. “Mr. Macari, since Ms. Yoeger is now out of danger, doesn’t that mean we did nothing wrong?”

Both the doctor and nurses nodded in agreement. “That’s right. We did save your beloved.”

How could he treat us this way after we saved his beloved’s life?

A sardonic smile was plastered on Samuel’s face. Yet, he felt heartbroken deep down.

“My beloved?” Samuel’s words were loaded with sarcasm. “Did you think you know me very well?”

His remarks stunned them.

Is that not the case?

Tyson reacted impassively, “If Mr. Macari loves Nicolette, will you guys still be locked up here?”

The doctor and nurses were dumbfounded.

Did we get it wrong?

“What a bunch of fools.” Tyson gave them a look that chilled them to the bone.

They brought this on themselves. Serves them right!

Samuel rose to his feet and instructed in a chilly tone, “Tyson, I’ll leave this to you. You should know what to do.”

“You can count on me, Mr. Macari.” Tyson nodded.

Samuel then took his leave.

“You guys are obviously asking for it.” Tyson sneered disdainfully. “Prepare to go to hell.”

“How did this happen?” Sarah could not fathom the situation. “Why would Mr. Macari like Kathleen?”

Tyson looked down at Sarah, who got drenched from head to toe. “How stupid can you be? If Mr. Macari had no feelings for Kathleen, he would have immediately filed a divorce once Nicolette had returned. Did you think he kept delaying the divorce because of the bone marrow? You must have assumed that he secretly dispatched people to travel around the world to find a suitable bone marrow for Nicolette because he loved her. No, it’s just because he doesn’t want Mrs. Macari to donate hers to that woman, you idiot!”

Sarah was startled by his words.

She always thought Samuel only had Nicolette in his heart.

That was why she was willing to listen to the woman’s instructions and did not expect the situation to end up that way.

Am I going to die a terrible death today?