Divorce Anxiety Chapter 63

“Huh?” Kathleen was surprised at the suggestion. She then remembered how Samuel looked just before she left.

At times when she spoke to him gently, he would break into a smile.

Otherwise, Samuel hardly smiled on normal days.

Kathleen was afraid that the family would be put off by Samuel’s poker face.

Federick smiled. “Just ask him to come in.”

Kathleen looked rather abashed. “All right then.”

By the time she got downstairs, Samuel had already reached the entrance of the villa.

“Mrs. Evans asks you to join us for dinner since you’re here,” said Kathleen. Then, she watched him apprehensively and added, “That is if you want to come up.”

Samuel looked at his timid wife and said coolly, “Why do I get this feeling that you don’t want me to join you?”

Kathleen shrugged as she replied, “It’s not that. You never introduce your friends to me, but you know all my friends. It doesn’t seem fair.”

Samuel was at a loss for words.

Kathleen looked at him. “So, are you coming up?”

Samuel got down from the car, which indicated that he had accepted the invitation.

Kathleen brought him upstairs, and they entered the Evans residence together.

The Evans family lived in a mansion.

Lily was a little hesitant when she saw Samuel.

“This is Mrs. Evans, my old neighbor who also watched me grow up. Mrs. Evans, this is my… husband.” Kathleen made the necessary introductions.

She sounded reluctant to address Samuel as her husband.

Samuel’s expression turned cold.

“Mr. Macari, how do you do?” Lily greeted Samuel politely.

“Mrs. Evans, there’s no need to be so formal. Since you’re Kate’s elder who watched her grow up, you are also my elder.” Samuel sounded polite but indifferent and distant.

Lily smiled. “Mr. Macari, please take a seat.”

Samuel nodded.

Just then, Federick walked out, carrying Madeline.

Madeline was a very adorable girl, and she looked cherubic.

She just did not talk much and hardly made eye contact with anyone.

“Madeline, say hello to Mr. Macari.” Federick guided Madeline patiently.

Madeline did not respond.

“Just call me Samuel. Doesn’t she call Kate by her name?” Samuel’s tone was curt and unfriendly.

Why should she call me Mr. Macari?

Kathleen surreptitiously tugged at Samuel’s sleeve. Do you have to be so petty?

Samuel held her soft, tiny hand in his own.

Kathleen was unable to pull her hand away.

“Let’s eat.” Federick smiled knowingly and led them to the dining room.

When everyone was seated, Federick tried to feed Madeline with a spoon.

Madeline was very obedient when she ate.

She would only eat when Federick fed her.

When Frederick was not feeding her, she would sit by herself quietly.

Despite that, Federick was very patient and did not show signs of irritation at all.

Kathleen looked enviously at Federick and Madeline.

Samuel marinated in resentment when he saw that Kathleen’s gaze was fixed on the father and daughter.

Is that guy so good-looking that she has to keep looking at him?

“Mr. Macari, do you like kids? If you do, you should have one with Katie. She’s a very good girl. I’m sure she will give birth to a beautiful daughter just like her.” Lily got the impression that Samuel was looking at Madeline.

Samuel turned to look at Kathleen and replied flatly, “She’s still young.”

What he meant was that they still had many years ahead.

Kathleen lowered her head and ate her dinner.

I knew it! You were lying when you said you wanted a child previously. Liar! Hypocrite!

Kathleen felt her anger building at the thought that Samuel was only trying to sweet-talk her into donating her bone marrow to Nicolette.

“Katie, don’t be angry.” All of a sudden, Madeline spoke.

Stunned, Kathleen looked up and blinked several times.

Madeline left her seat and ran up to Kathleen. She reached out her hand to stroke Kathleen’s head. “Don’t be angry.”

It was a bittersweet moment for Kathleen.

She felt that Madeline was such an angel.

The little girl could sense that Kathleen was feeling down and wanted to comfort her.

It was not entirely true that Madeline could not communicate with anyone outside her world.

Kathleen rubbed Madeline’s head fondly. “I’m not angry. I won’t get angry.”

It won’t do my baby any good if I get angry.

Delighted, Madeline broke into a smile.

Lily was also thrilled. “Kate, you must be Madeline’s guardian angel. She’s only responsive to you.”

At that moment, Kathleen’s feelings were indescribable.

This fragile, delicate girl was actually healing her at the same time.

Kathleen’s heart wrenched as she carried Madeline.

Shortly after, she released Madeline. “Go and eat, Madeline.”

Madeline nodded and went back to her seat.

Federick smiled. “We should try to get her to interact with others a little every day as part of early intervention. Perhaps one day, she will be able to live like a normal person.”

At that moment, Kathleen came up with a suggestion. “Federick, why don’t I have a video call with Madeline every day? I can’t come here frequently, but I can still talk to her every day. Maybe she can start on early intervention treatment soon.”

Federick hesitated. “Wouldn’t that be very troublesome for you?”

Kathleen shook her head. “Not at all. Don’t worry about it.”

“Then, I’ll have to trouble you for your help.” Federick was more than happy to accept Kathleen’s help.

Kathleen beamed. “You’re welcome. It’s no problem at all.”

Federick had helped her find a way to make a living.

It was only right that she extended a helping hand to his daughter.

Soon, they came to an agreement on the matter.

After dinner, Kathleen bade the Evans family goodbye.

On the way home, Kathleen was staring out of the car window.

After a while, her brows became knitted. “This is not the way home.”

Samuel said impassively, “I’m bringing you to meet my friends. They just asked me out.”

Kathleen shook her head. “I don’t want to go. Your friends don’t like me.”

“They will like you. Aren’t you a little charmer?” Samuel teased.

Cough! Cough! Kathleen gave him a perplexed look. “What nonsense are you talking about? I’m not lying. They really don’t like me.”

She knew a few of Samuel’s friends who were very close to him.

These friends knew what Samuel liked or disliked.

Naturally, they were aware that Samuel liked Nicolette.

Hence, they were fiercely protective of Nicolette, no matter how the others perceived her.

They felt that Kathleen was a dog in the manger and treated her with disdain.

Two years ago, Samuel’s friend had brought him home after he had gotten drunk.

She found the friend’s manner toward her distinctly hostile.

He even warned her not to harbor any improper thoughts toward Samuel.

The incident had left a vivid impression on Kathleen.

“You’re complaining that I don’t bring you along to meet my friends. Now that I’m bringing you, you refuse to go.” Samuel voiced his displeasure.

“I just don’t want to go. I won’t stop you if you want to go. Let me get off. I can go home myself.” Kathleen was feeling a little tired.

Samuel remembered the incident when he left her alone by the road.

He quickly turned back to take her home.

Kathleen continued, “It’s not too late. There are many people out there. You-”

“Shut up! I don’t want to hear any more nonsense from you.” Samuel felt a flicker of irritation.

He never wanted a repeat of that dreadful episode.

Kathleen kept quiet as Samuel drove home.

Back at home, Kathleen went to change her clothes, and Samuel went to his study.

Just as he was sitting down, his phone rang.

“Why are you not here yet?” Cedric Tatham asked impatiently.

“I’m not coming,” Samuel replied unemotionally.

“Oh, I know. Go keep Nicolette company then.” Cedric took a swipe at Samuel.

Samuel lit a cigarette. “It’s not her. I’m with Kathleen.”

Cedric was astonished to hear Samuel’s response. “Kathleen? You’re going to divorce her soon. Why do you need to be with her?”

“Who told you I’m going to divorce her?” Samuel became annoyed.

“I heard it from your grandmother,” Cedric replied.