Divorce Anxiety Chapter 57

Kathleen had reached her limit. “Samuel, let’s live separately.”

Live separately?

Samuel furrowed his brows and said with a cold voice, “Do you think I would agree to that?”

With reddened eyes, she said, “Samuel, it doesn’t matter whether you agree or not. I can no longer live with someone who protects an evildoer! Benjamin nearly died because of Nicolette!”

Samuel’s face turned gloomy.

While holding back her tears, Kathleen said, “Samuel, that person has no reason to slander Nicolette. Neither do I. If anything happened to Benjamin, I would never forgive both of you.”

After she was done packing, she carried her suitcase and said, “If Benjamin really dies, I will be a widow for him. I owe it to him.”

With that said, Kathleen headed out.

Samuel narrowed his eyes, and a vicious glint flashed across them.

She wants to be a widow for another man?

When Kathleen reached the door, Samuel snatched the suitcase away from her hand and tossed it aside.

He raised her slender arms above her head and pressed her wrists against the door with his big hand.

Meanwhile, his other hand pinched her delicate chin. His cold breath fanned her face, and his eyes were so cold that they sent chills down her spine.

Samuel snapped, “You’re my wife, and you want to be a widow for another man? Kathleen, who gave you the courage to do so?”

A wave of pain washed over him.

Kathleen let out a bleak, cold laugh. “So what if I’m your wife? Aren’t I practically a widow anyway?”

Samuel’s eyes turned beyond grim.

“It seems like I haven’t been showing you enough care lately. That’s why you’re starting to have unrealistic thoughts.” He inched closer and said, “Since you’re not adhering to the promise we’ve made, I have no reason to hold back then.”

As he said those words, his big hand reached into Kathleen’s sweater.

“Let go of me!” Kathleen demanded as she struggled to break free.

She knew how rough Samuel could get.

She must do all she could to protect her child.

With no warmth in his eyes, Samuel stared at her and warned, “Kathleen, remember this. You’re my woman. Mine!”

Kathleen was terrified by his icy gaze.

She was afraid because she had never seen him like this.

Kathleen shook her head and said, “No! Don’t! I’ll give you time. I’m not leaving anymore. Let go of me!”

However, from Samuel’s point of view, she was only saying that to stop him from touching her.

Samuel let out a chuckle in his heart. She doesn’t want me to touch her? Is she saving herself for that man? I will never allow it!

He carried her in his arms and put her down on the couch in the living room.

“Samuel, don’t do this!” Kathleen cried.

She was overwhelmed with fear.

What if this causes a miscarriage?

Samuel disregarded her and removed all her clothes.

Kathleen’s skin was porcelain white and soft. She had a voluptuous body that Samuel was addicted to.

Samuel turned up the temperature of the room when he saw her shivering.

After that, he took off his own clothes as well.

Kathleen was well aware of how aggressive Samuel could be.

She trembled with fear, knowing that she would not be able to stop him.

With tears pouring down her face, Kathleen looked especially pitiful. “Sam… please be gentle. It hurts.”

She finally calls me Sam.

A hint of warmth returned to Samuel’s handsome yet darkened face.

He teased, “Keep calling me.”

With a trembling voice, she said, “Sam… Y-You end up hurting me every time. Please… I beg you. Please be gentle this time.”

He stared at her. “Every time?”

“I-It’s because you’re too impressive. So… please be more gentle,” she replied in fear.

Seeing how she looked like a frightened little rabbit, Samuel showed her some compassion.

Her tears were extremely effective against him.

Samuel got more gentle, but he was still driving Kathleen crazy.

An hour later, Kathleen weakly sprawled on the couch and remained motionless.

Traces of tears and exhaustion were evident on her tiny, delicate face.

Samuel grabbed a blanket and covered her with it before putting on his clothes.

He sat on the couch and caressed her face with his big, rough hand. “I’ll investigate this matter.”

As she was really exhausted, Kathleen only cast him a glance and remained silent.

She did not believe that Samuel would be able to give her a conclusion.

With a slightly hoarse voice, she asked, “Samuel, does that promise still count?”

Samuel gazed at her and replied, “If you want to, I’ll continue to adhere to it.”

Kathleen extended her hand and said, “Give me the divorce agreement. Only then will I be at ease.”

“I can’t give it to you,” Samuel said flatly.

Kathleen frowned upon hearing that.

While gazing at her coldly, he continued, “What should I do if you run away after signing the agreement?”

If it was last time, he would not think that Kathleen had the guts to do so.

Now, he felt otherwise because Kathleen had proven to be quite courageous.

Feeling helpless, Kathleen said, “Then there’s no need to keep any promises. You may go now. I want to sleep for a while.”

After saying that, she closed her eyes.

Samuel looked at her coldly and said, “Sleep then.”

Her mind was muddled.

How can I break free? I’ve fallen too deep in this. There’s no way for me to take control at all. Even if Grandma agrees to the divorce, I’m still stuck in this marriage if Samuel refuses to sign the agreement.

Of course, if Samuel insisted to get a divorce, nobody could stop him either.

Kathleen could not help but mock herself.

She could not escape his grasp, and she had no power to do anything.

After Samuel had left for a while, Kathleen realized that she could not fall asleep even though she was beyond exhausted.

Hence, she got up and went to take a shower.

After changing into a fresh set of clothes, she sat in front of the table and started working on some sketches.

I need money! With money, I can leave! It doesn’t matter whether Samuel is willing to get a divorce. All I need to do is to leave this place!

Samuel went to the hospital to inquire about Benjamin’s condition.

The doctor explained, “He has woken up, but the damage on his brain is still in a critical stage. This morning, someone came into his ward and pulled his plug. Thank god the emergency alarm went off. If not, the consequences would’ve been dire!”

Samuel remained indifferent.

Seems like what she said is true.

He ordered coldly, “You have to make sure he recovers as soon as possible. Understand?”

The doctor nodded and replied, “Mr. Macari, don’t worry. I’ll do my best.”

After that, Samuel turned around and left.

When he saw Samuel come out of the room, Tyson rushed over and reported, “Mr. Macari, here’s the surveillance footage.”

He then handed over a phone to Samuel.

Samuel watched the footage and saw the suspicious man entering Benjamin’s ward.

After that, Kathleen arrived and encountered that man.

That man quickly turned around and tried to escape.

Then, Kathleen picked up a trash can, threw it toward that man, and actually managed to hit him.

Following that, she rushed over and pointed something at that man. He froze in fear at the sight of that.

At that moment, Samuel frowned because he could not tell what that thing was due to the unclear footage.

Nevertheless, he continued watching it. Kathleen and that man confronted each other for a few minutes.

That man uttered something before the doctor and the others arrived.

He managed to escape when Kathleen got distracted.

However, Kathleen did not chase after him. Instead, she entered the ward.

Samuel’s face darkened.

I can’t believe she risked her life for another man! What do I mean to her?