Divorce Anxiety Chapter 56

Kathleen stepped forward and stared at the doctor with pleading eyes. “Let me do it! Please, let me try!”

The doctor knitted his brows and asked, “You?”

She explained, “I’m Kathleen Johnson. My parents used to be doctors here. My grandfather as well.”

Upon hearing that, the doctor frowned.

The head nurse verified, “Doctor, her father is the former director, Dr. Johnson.”

“You’re Dr. Johnson’s daughter?”

I never heard about her attending medical school though…

“Doctor, please let me save him,” Kathleen said coldly.

The doctor frowned and replied, “But…”

“Please, I beg you!” Kathleen pleaded with determination in her eyes.

Upon seeing her gaze, the doctor stepped aside.

Kathleen took out her set of silver needles and placed them at the side.

Everyone was in shock.

Is she using traditional medicine?

Kathleen took a needle and inserted it into the acupoint on top of Benjamin’s head.

She then inserted a few more needles into other acupoints on his head.

Following that, it was his heart, palms, and soles of his feet.

Finally, she took the last needle and gently inserted it into his forehead.

Seconds had passed, and the electrocardiogram was still static.

Everyone had prepared to face the worst outcome.

Benjamin was actually not breathing anymore. He was a goner.

Gemma stared at Kathleen’s back in a daze. She burst into tears.

She wailed, “Benjamin, wake up! Open your eyes and look at the girl you like in front of you! Do it for her!”

Kathleen was dumbfounded.

Benjamin likes me?

While sobbing, Gemma bellowed, “Benjamin, haven’t you been waiting for Kathleen? Isn’t that why you don’t look for a girlfriend all these years? How could you leave after you’ve found her?”

Kathleen’s heart wrenched, and she silently shed tears.

Benjamin got hurt for saving me. Did Nicolette send someone to get rid of him to force me to get a divorce with Samuel? It’s all my fault that everything turned out this way.

Kathleen was overwhelmed by sorrow.

She would not hesitate to give her life away if Gemma wanted it.


The electrocardiogram suddenly sounded.

Everyone was stunned.

Beep! Beep!

The electrocardiogram recorded electrical signals.

Finally, Benjamin was breathing faintly.

The head nurse announced excitedly, “Doctor, his heartbeat and blood pressure have returned!”

Upon hearing that, Gemma cried hysterically.

Tears kept streaming down Kathleen’s face.

Thank goodness! He’s alive!

The doctor ordered the head nurse to inject Benjamin with adrenaline.

Suddenly, Kathleen felt her hand being grabbed by a cold hand.

She was startled.

Benjamin opened his eyes and called with a hoarse voice, “Kathleen.”

Thrilled, Kathleen held his hand in return and said, “Benjamin, you’re awake!”

Gemma walked over, looked at Benjamin, and cried even louder.

Benjamin had no idea what had happened, but he felt at ease looking at Kathleen and Gemma.

After Benjamin’s condition had improved, Kathleen removed all the silver needles.

The doctor also gave him a regular check-up.

Benjamin’s condition had stabilized.

Even though he still looked rather weary, it was fortunate that he had woken up.

“Benjamin, get some rest. We’ll talk the next day.” Kathleen was aware of how tired Benjamin was.

Benjamin really wanted to know what had happened, but he nodded after hearing Kathleen’s words.

Kathleen tucked him into bed.

Benjamin gazed at her face before closing his eyes.

To not disturb Benjamin’s rest, Kathleen and Gemma left the ward.

Feeling awkward, Gemma said, “Kathleen, you don’t have to take to heart what I said in the ward just now. I…”

Confused, Kathleen asked, “Benjamin likes me? I didn’t know.”

Gemma froze for a moment and said, “Kathleen, you don’t have to feel burdened by that. I said that out of desperation amid that critical time.”

Kathleen lightly furrowed her brows and said, “I know. I’m just very surprised.”

Gemma pursed her lips. “That’s because you’ve always treated Benjamin as a brother. You’ve never liked him, right?”

Kathleen nodded.

Gemma shook her head and said, “It’s okay. Kathleen, please don’t feel burdened just because Benjamin has saved your life, and because he likes you. Both of you won’t be happy this way.”

After sitting down, Kathleen uttered, “Gemma, I can’t pretend I don’t know. I…”

Gemma sat down as well and said, “Benjamin would rather conceal his feelings deep inside his heart. Actually, he’s very happy to be able to meet you again.”

Kathleen was at a loss for words, and silence ensued.

Gemma knew that Kathleen only looked sweet and innocent from the outside. In actuality, Kathleen was very clear about how she felt. It was evident that it came as a shock to her. She had no feelings for Benjamin, but she did not wish to hurt him either.

With a lowered gaze, Gemma said, “Kathleen, if you marry Benjamin because you feel indebted to him, I will look down on you. If you marry my brother out of guilt, isn’t this a form of deceit?”

Kathleen nodded and replied, “I understand what you mean.”

“Kathleen, about Samuel and Nicolette…”

Everyone saw what was trending today.

Kathleen leaned against the seat and said, “Samuel and I will get a divorce. I can’t love him anymore. Gemma, there are no words to describe how mentally exhausted I am.”

Gemma held Kathleen’s hand and said, “If you’re not happy, then get a divorce.”

Kathleen nodded and agreed, “Yeah, I will.”

She stayed outside of Benjamin’s ward with Gemma for one whole night.

The next day, Benjamin was still sleeping when Kathleen went home first.

Right when she was about to enter the password, the door opened.

Samuel gave her a vicious glare and exclaimed, “Where did you go? Why weren’t you home for one whole night?”

Doesn’t she know that I’m worried?

He got extremely anxious when he came home in the morning and realized she was not there.

Kathleen lifted her head. Her eyes were red, and dark eye circles could vaguely be seen under her eyes. It was obvious that she did not sleep well.

“Say something.” Samuel extended his hand to touch her.

However, she avoided his touch.

Samuel frowned upon seeing that.

With a cold and raspy voice, she threatened, “Samuel, let Nicolette know that if she dares to harm Benjamin again, I will end her.”

Samuel asked coldly, “What did you just say?”

Coldness gathered in Kathleen’s eyes as she said, “I said I will end her. I will end the life of the woman you love to seek revenge for Benjamin!”

Samuel grabbed her hand and consoled her, “Calm down.”

Kathleen had never acted this cold. She said, “I’m very calm. Samuel, someone pulled the plug on Benjamin yesterday night. I managed to catch and threaten that person. He told me that Nicolette ordered him to do so.”

Samuel furrowed his brows. “That’s not possible.”

“There are surveillance cameras in the hospital. You can check it yourself.” Kathleen continued coldly, “Samuel, I can’t wait to divorce you, so there’s no reason for me to badmouth her. If I do so, you won’t believe me and will think that I’m blaming Nicolette to avoid getting a divorce. I can clearly tell you that I’m not lying, so believe whatever you want.”

I don’t care whether he believes me or not. After all, he will only believe that Nicolette is a kind-hearted fairy.

She pushed him away and entered the room. After taking out her suitcase, she started packing her clothes.

Samuel grimaced and questioned, “What are you doing?