Divorce Anxiety Chapter 54

In the evening, Samuel returned home as the sun was setting.

Kathleen had been drawing.

When she heard sounds coming from outside the door, she immediately got up.

A look of surprise appeared on her fair and delicate face when she went out. “Y-You’re back?”

Samuel stared at her.

Why is she so shaken up? I just happen to get off work on time.

“I told you I’ll come back earlier, didn’t I?” Samuel said flatly. “You seem unhappy.”

In the past, Kathleen would always welcome him warmly when he returned.

She would even jump into his arms if he was in a better mood.

Now, she did not seem very happy.

“No, I’m not unhappy.” Even Kathleen herself wasn’t sure if she was happy or not.

Perhaps it was because Samuel had disappointed her too many times, so much so that she did not know what to feel anymore.

“Wash your hands and come to dinner.” Samuel said coldly.

“Okay,” Kathleen replied indifferently.

She went to the bathroom to wash up.

Just then, a tall shadow suddenly shrouded her.

Samuel reached out and held her hands. “I’ll help you.”

“I’m not a child.” Kathleen puffed her cheeks. She looked cute that way.

“So… I can’t help if you’re not a child?” Samuel gave her a gentle peck on the cheek.

Kathleen wanted to evade him, but she was trapped in Samuel’s arms.

Her body was quite soft.

Dirty thoughts aroused in Samuel’s mind as she squirmed in his arms.

“Don’t move.” Samuel’s voice was deep and hoarse. “If you keep moving, I’ll eat you before dinner.”

Kathleen bit her lip angrily. “One month!”

“It’s less than a month.” Samuel smiled.

Kathleen remained silent. She gritted her teeth.

Samuel helped her wash her hands before letting her go.

Once Kathleen was freed from his arms, she headed to the dining room and waited for him.

Samuel came soon after.

He sat down.

Maria had already prepared dinner.

Kathleen and Samuel dug in once they were seated.

They did not interact with each other at all throughout the meal.

Samuel was used to Kathleen telling him everything about her day.

He found it odd that she was being so quiet.

“What have you been doing today?” Samuel asked.

“I’ve been painting.” Kathleen knew that she couldn’t hide from Samuel the fact that she was working for Federick.

Since it was impossible to hide it, Kathleen did not wish to make things difficult for herself.

Samuel’s face darkened. “Are you really going to keep this job?”

Kathleen glanced at him calmly. “This job isn’t embarrassing you, is it?”

Samuel looked at her coldly. “Do you think that’s what I meant?”

“If not, what else do you mean?” Kathleen asked meaningfully.

“Kathleen, I provide you with a hefty sum for living expenses.” Samuel’s voice was rather cold.

Why does she want to take on such an exhausting job? If she’s short on cash, she could have just told me.

Kathleen’s grip tightened on her fork. “If you think it’s too much, you can reduce it. We can both contribute to the household expenses from now on. I’m fine with that.”

Samuel felt a flicker of irritation.

She’s always twisting my words!

Kathleen drank her soup quietly. “Samuel, I need to work. I don’t want my life to be completely under your control. Do you understand?”

Samuel froze.

“You have control over my life as well as my finances,” Kathleen said bitterly. “If I leave you, I will become useless. I don’t want that, so I need to work.”

“I believe I’ve said before that we won’t get a divorce.” Samuel looked at her with a cold expression.

Kathleen lowered her eyes when she met his cold gaze. “I’m sorry. I can’t trust you for the time being.”

“What do you want me to do?” Samuel’s voice remained ice-cold.

“Think about it, Samuel. You haven’t forgotten Nicolette after so many years. Can you really forget everything about her now?” Kathleen asked flatly. “So, I’m sorry to say this, but I cannot believe you when you said we won’t get a divorce. I can’t bring myself to believe it.”

Samuel’s eyes flashed coldly. “Then, what about the one-month deadline you’ve set?”

“Samuel, it’s impossible for you to sever ties with Nicolette even if I gave you a year.” Kathleen said quietly as she put away her utensils, “That one month is just a buffer.”

Samuel stared at her coldly. He wished that his eyes could tear a hole through her.

“Samuel, if we don’t get a divorce, what do you plan to do with Nicolette?” When Kathleen was not acting coquettishly, she had the air of an aloof fairy.

Samuel said nothing.

“She is the Yoeger family’s illegitimate child. The Yoeger family won’t acknowledge her, so she is not entitled to any of their assets. That means you’ll have to support her for the rest of her life, is that right?” Right then, Kathleen’s charming face was beautiful but cold. “In that case, it will be impossible for you to sever ties with her in this lifetime. You’ll be at her beck and call whenever she wants you. My feelings won’t matter to you, and I won’t be able to stop you.”

“How are you so sure that I’ll do that?” Samuel said, infuriated.

“Because you have done it before,” Kathleen replied quietly. “Samuel, I can’t accept that there’s a woman out there whom you long for. Similarly, you can’t accept Christopher’s feelings for me.”

Samuel froze.

“Are you surprised?” Kathleen went on indifferently. “Just because I don’t have a temper, that doesn’t mean I’m not intelligent. I can tell that Christopher likes me. However, because of who we are, I’ve always avoided him. You saw him at Granny’s house today. That’s why you said those weird things, am I right?”

Samuel stared at her coldly.

“Samuel, I want a husband who loves me wholeheartedly. I love you, but that does not mean I must stay with you.” Kathleen stood up. “As long as Nicolette exists, we will never reconcile. It’s time to let go.”

Kathleen turned around.

Just then, Samuel grabbed her wrist. He questioned her harshly, “Do you fancy Christopher?”

Kathleen smiled bleakly. “Why don’t you admit that you’ve hurt me? Why are you accusing me of having feelings for other people instead?”

Samuel’s gaze remained ice-cold.

“Don’t worry. I’m not so desperate that I’ll settle for the first man I see,” Kathleen said proudly. “I won’t settle for just any man. My husband must love only me. He can only offer his love to me. If he does that to someone else, then I don’t want him.”

“Kathleen, you should know that Nicolette and I would have gotten married long ago if it wasn’t for you,” Samuel retorted.

“Does that mean I have to endure it?” A cold smile formed on Kathleen’s face. “Samuel, ask yourself. Is it really my fault that the two of you can’t be together?”

Samuel frowned.

Kathleen was innocent in this matter.

She had never forced Samuel to marry her, and neither had she begged Diana to let her marry him.

Having stayed in the Macari residence for so many years, Kathleen had never done anything to make others dislike her.

When Samuel and Nicolette were dating, Kathleen had never harassed Nicolette.

She was not that sort of person.

She was willing to hide her feelings for Samuel in her heart forever.

Samuel and Nicolette could not be together because Nicolette was unwelcomed.

It was Diana and Wynnie who disapproved of their relationship.

Kathleen was aware of it all.