Divorce Anxiety Chapter 52

Chapter 52

Kathleen didn’t want to be the one who ruined Samuel’s relationship with his family.

She thought it would be better for everyone if she left.

“Okay. You can go home and get some rest since there is nothing else to do here.” Cynthia took out the apple cider vinegar that Kathleen liked to drink and put it into a bag.

Then, she packed some snacks for Kathleen too.

Kathleen liked to eat fruit-flavored snacks. Hence, Cynthia always prepared them for her.

Kathleen smiled sweetly like a kid as she held the snacks that were given by Cynthia.

“Granny, I’ll come again next time,” Kathleen said adorably.

Cynthia smiled as she said, “You can come every day. I will always welcome you.”

“Granny, I’ll come as long as you don’t mind it.” Kathleen was shy.

“Why would I?” Cynthia patted her head and said, “Take good care of yourself, my girl.”

Kathleen nodded. “Okay. Goodbye, Granny.” Despite her reluctance, she bade farewell to Cynthia.

“Goodbye,” Cynthia said.

With that, Kathleen and Samuel turned around and headed toward the elevator.

Samuel helped Kathleen to hold the bag while she stood next to him.

The elevator stopped after going down two floors. After that, several people got into the elevator.

Samuel put the things in one hand and used the other hand to hug Kathleen lest she got hit by others.

Pressed into his embrace, all she could hear was the sound of his powerful heartbeat. She felt as if she was drowning in his warm embrace.

Soon, Kathleen felt the strange gaze from the people next to them. They had been scrutinizing Samuel and her.

There were two young girls who were holding their phones while pointing at and gossiping about Samuel and her. Kathleen frowned upon seeing it.

The girls put down their hands hurriedly and looked away out of guilt as soon as they noticed Kathleen was staring at them.

Kathleen was speechless upon seeing their action.

Shortly after that, they stepped out of the elevator after it arrived on the ground floor.

Samuel then pulled Kathleen into the car.

After they got into the car, Kathleen asked, “Are you going back to the office?”

“Yes.” Samuel nodded.

“Then you can leave me halfway. I will go back to the condominium to get some clothes before heading to the Macari residence,” Kathleen said.

Samuel looked at her coldly.

Kathleen thought he was unwilling to go there. “It’s almost the New Year. Haven’t we always done that? We would always go to the Macari residence and stay there when the year-end is approaching.”

Samuel didn’t utter a word.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to go there so early. I’m not going to pack my things then,” Kathleen said softly.

“Let’s talk about it a few days later.” Samuel furrowed his eyebrows lightly.

Samuel didn’t want Christopher to have a chance to meet Kathleen as the former had been going to the Macari residence too frequently recently. Or rather, from the bottom of his heart, he didn’t want Kathleen to discover the truth.

“Okay.” Kathleen nodded in response.

Samuel glanced at Kathleen and asked indifferently, “Do you really like to stay at the Macari residence?”

“Yeah.” Kathleen nodded.

“Why?” Samuel asked in confusion.

“It’s lively there.” Kathleen’s gentle voice sounded indifferent.

The condominium where she and Samuel lived together was a huge one. Its size was one thousand square meters.

Although the home was spacious and well-equipped with everything, she felt lonely when she was there.

Samuel was barely home, so she was always alone and bored.

He didn’t like being disturbed too. Hence, he did not hire a live-in housekeeper who would live with them in their house every day. Instead, the housekeeper would only come occasionally to cook and clean the house.

The pay that Samuel offered was good without a doubt. Therefore, there were quite a lot of people who competed for the job.

Samuel’s slender hands were holding the steering wheel as he spoke with a clear voice. “After we have more babies, our home will be lively.”

Kathleen pursed her red lips and kept quiet.

Does he want me to look after the kids alone? How should I explain to them if their father is always absent during festivals? If we’re divorced, I can still tell them their father has passed away as an excuse. However, if we’re still married, how should I explain it?

At the thought of that, Kathleen wanted a divorce even more.

“Let’s discuss the future plans later.” Kathleen’s soft voice was cold. “Samuel, there are twenty-seven days before the New Year. You still have some time to think about it.”

Samuel’s jaw tightened. “Are you sure that you wouldn’t object at all after I have made up my mind?”

“You have always been calling the shots in our relationship. So, it’s up to you. I don’t want to think about it anymore as I’m too tired,” Kathleen said while pinching the bridge of her nose.

She was exhausted.

“Okay. Let me think about it.” Samuel sent Kathleen to the lobby of the condominium.

When Kathleen was about to get out of the car, Samuel locked the car door and stopped her from leaving.

Kathleen frowned. As she turned around, she saw Samuel.

To her surprise, Samuel’s handsome face was close to hers.

Then, his soft and warm lips pressed against her lips and they shared a passionate kiss in the car.

Five minutes later, the corner of Kathleen’s eyes was slightly wet as she glared at him angrily.

“Your legs are weak after the kiss, right?” Samuel placed his large hand against Kathleen’s soft cheek and rubbed it gently.

Her shy and alluring reaction was adorable. I don’t want other men to see her like that. I don’t!

The desire to possess her burned in his heart.

“I will come back early tonight.” Samuel gently kissed Kathleen’s face.

Her face was soft like a pillow.

Kathleen’s ears turned red. “You can come home whenever you want. But it would be better if you don’t come back. I’ll be happier by myself.”

Samuel grinned and gazed at her intently as if he wanted to eat her alive.

His burning gaze gave her chills all over her body.

She pushed Samuel away and got out of the car.

Then, she took the things from the rear seat.

Samuel chuckled.

She was obviously bothered by my gaze. Yet, she didn’t forget to take the snacks with her. Such a little glutton.

Samuel thought for a while before texting Tyson: When Kathleen took medicine previously, I recall that you had brought her fruit candy made in Remdik, and she said she liked it, right?

Tyson replied instantly: Yes.

Samuel continued: Find out the manufacturer and acquire it. Help them to develop several types of low-sugar fruit candy products. From now on, deliver the candies to the condominium every month.

Tyson agreed immediately: All right.

Samuel put his phone down, and his lips curved into a smile. Kathleen is candy; she is so sweet.

Meanwhile, Kathleen got home and put her things on the coffee table.

She then sat down and calmed herself down for some time before taking out her phone.

She hadn’t checked her phone since just now, but she didn’t expect the chat group with Wynnie would have more than ninety-nine messages by then.

Why are there so many messages?

Wynnie texted: Katie, you’re trending.

Diana replied: What about?

Wynnie took a screenshot and sent it over to the chat group.

The title of the number one trending topic read: Kathleen and Samuel Are Married.

Kathleen’s face turned pale. Did I really send it by mistake? But I’ve already asked Samuel to check it.

Kathleen opened her Twitter account and noticed the news was still on the top of the trending topics. She dared not read the comments below.

She then clicked on the chat group and continued reading the messages.

Wynnie: I think that Katie is being threatened by Samuel.

Diana: That sc*mbag! He is going to divorce Katie, yet he dares to ruin Katie’s image.

Wynnie agreed: Mom, you’re right. He is such a sc*mbag! In the future, the whole world would know that Katie was once married.

Diana: I think he has bad intentions. It might be Nicolette’s idea.

Wynnie: Mom, do you want me to pull some strings and kick Nicolette out of the hospital?

Diana replied: We have to be cultured people. Why don’t we acquire the hospital and shut it down?