Divorce Anxiety Chapter 49

Kathleen was drawing at home when she received yet another friend request notification from that unknown number again on her phone.

Whoever it was had also sent a video to her.

It was a video showing Samuel going to the Yoeger residence with Nicolette.

Nicolette was dolled up in the video as she held Samuel’s arm, smiling broadly and smugly.

As Samuel was there to back her, no one from the Yoeger family dared to chase her out.

After Frances cut the cake, Samuel was seen feeding Nicolette the dessert.

The pair looked extremely sweet and very in love.

Kathleen’s heart ached at the sight.

Indeed, the most perfect way to take someone’s life was by breaking their heart.

Samuel had refused to allow her to go along, so Nicolette provoked her with the video.

What a shameless couple!

Kathleen’s face was pale as she wondered when her heart would stop hurting.

Will it stop hurting when I don’t love anymore? Is it hurting so much because I still love Samuel?

It was impossible to stop loving the man she had given her entire heart and soul to for the past decade.

At that moment, her phone rang.

Kathleen took a glance and saw that it was Quinn.

“Ms. Williams?” Kathleen was surprised.

“Come over for a checkup.” Quinn cut straight to the point.

Kathleen paused before answering, “Ms. Williams, I—”

“I don’t care what your plans are. It is my duty as a doctor to ensure that the mother and child are safe as long as you’re pregnant with the baby. Come quickly.” Quinn added, “I’ll cover for you.”

“Okay.” Kathleen dared not refuse.

After tidying up, she left for the hospital.

Quinn had made arrangements so that no one would know that Kathleen came for maternity checkups.

After the checkup, Quinn held onto the results while her face turned pale and her hands trembled.

“Don’t scare me, Ms. Williams. Did I contract some incurable illness?” Kathleen was anxious.


Quinn slammed the result slip on the table. “Do you know that you’re suffering from malnourishment? You’re pregnant with a baby! How dare you be malnourished!”

Kathleen was like a child scolded by her parent. “Ms. Williams, I always have my meals on time. I swear I’m not skipping out on any meals.”

“How about your mood?” Quinn looked at her. “I keep seeing Samuel in the company of a woman named Nicolette Yoeger.”

Quinn was a doctor at this hospital. Hence, it was easy for her to know the identity of anyone that visited the hospital.

Kathleen pursed her lips. “Ms. Williams, everything will be over soon.”

“Are you going to tolerate it in the meantime?” Quinn was shocked.

“No, but Samuel and I have discussed and agreed to give him a month to settle the matter. If I’m satisfied with his way of handling it, we’ll not get a divorce. If I’m not, we’ll divorce.” Kathleen kept silent for a while. “However, I think there’s nothing much to consider anymore.”

She was naturally unhappy with the way Samuel was dealing with the matter.

After a brief pause, Quinn said, “It’s better to get it over and done with soon. You’re pregnant, and such an issue will affect your mood. It’s not good for you and the baby.”

“Yeah. I know.” Kathleen nodded.

Quinn looked at her meaningfully. “Kate, you’re carrying twins.”

“What?” Kathleen was stunned.

“Twins,” Quinn repeated herself.

This was the main reason that Quinn had insisted Kathleen come in for a checkup, so she could get a confirmation.

“If you divorce, it’ll be difficult to raise even one child alone. Have you ever thought about what you’re going to do if it’s two?” Quinn was worried.

“I can do this.” Kathleen stroked her belly. “I really can. No matter how many children there are, I’m giving birth to them all.”

She could not bear to end their lives as they were her very own flesh and blood.

Quinn heaved a sigh and instructed sternly, “You must eat more. Do you hear me?”

“Yeah, I heard you.” Kathleen blinked her eyes and did not dare to turn a deaf ear to the doctor’s instruction.

“I know you’re having a difficult time trying to keep it from the Macari family. They have always doted on you, but if they don’t know that you’re pregnant, they won’t know how to take care of you.” Quinn brought out a thermos. “I made this for you. Drink it.”

Kathleen was surprised. “Ms. Williams, you…”

“In the future, come to my house twice every week. I’ll cook for you.” Quinn stared at Kathleen’s sharp chin. “You’re malnourished, and that will affect the fetuses’ growth.”

“Yeah, okay.” Kathleen nodded.

With a few gulps, she finished the soup that Quinn had cooked for her.

“That’s a good girl.” A warm smile appeared on Quinn’s face.

Kathleen looked at her obediently. “Can I leave now?”

“Go. Get out of my sight,” Quinn shooed as she waved her hand.

Kathleen exited Quinn’s office and went upstairs to visit Benjamin.

Benjamin was still unconscious.

Kathleen was worried as the person who hurt Benjamin still could not be found.

She knew nothing would come out of the investigation as Samuel was most likely a part of it.

Even if Samuel found that it was Nicolette behind all of these, he would do nothing.

He would get his men to remove the evidence and ensure Nicolette’s innocence.

This all happened because I was too weak. If I were more capable, I wouldn’t be such a pushover and constantly at the mercy of others.

Just then, her phone rang.


“Hello? Granny?” Kathleen immediately answered the call.

“Katie, what are you doing?” Cynthia Graves’ gentle voice sounded through the phone.

“Nothing. What’s the matter, Granny?” Kathleen turned and headed for the elevator.

Cynthia chuckled. “I haven’t seen you in days. Do you want to come over to my house?”

“Okay,” Kathleen agreed.

“I’ll make your favorite ravioli.” Cynthia had always doted on Kathleen.

“Yeah!” Kathleen was elated. “I’ll come over now.”

With that, she hung up the call and entered the elevator.

Upon reaching the first floor, she stepped out of the elevator only to see Samuel.

He had some bags in his hand, and Kathleen knew they were for Nicolette.

Kathleen ignored him, wanting to leave the hospital as quickly as possible.

Samuel handed the bags in his hand to a nearby nurse. “Please send these to ward number 1705.”

Subsequently, he ran after Kathleen.

“Kathleen!” He grabbed her hand. “Why did you ignore me after seeing me?”

She’s growing a temper.

“Stop pulling me.” Kathleen yanked her hand out of his grip. “All of Jadeborough knows about your relationship with Nicolette by now, Samuel. Your actions will cause misunderstandings, and I’ll get scolded. Moreover, you’re not going to stand up for me if I get accused of being a mistress, so stop behaving like this!”

It was then Samuel realized that Kathleen knew of what happened last night.

“Nicolette just had her chemotherapy treatment.” Samuel frowned.

“So what if she just had her treatment?” Kathleen remained indifferent. “Does that mean I have to take all the humiliation and insults lying down? I’m your legal wife, but because of her, I’m looking like the mistress. Are you two even human for doing this to me, Samuel?”

Samuel remained silent while looking at her.

He agreed that he had done wrong by Kathleen in this matter.

Upon seeing that he did not reply, Kathleen continued walking out.

“Where are you going? I’ll send you there.” Samuel followed closely behind her.

“I don’t want to tell you.” Kathleen’s fair-skinned face was currently puffed up like an angry hamster.

Samuel could not help but poke at her cheek. It was bouncy.

“Don’t touch me!” Kathleen was furious. “Don’t use the same hand you used to feed Nicolette to touch me!”