Divorce Anxiety Chapter 48

Chapter 48

“Why am I a monster?” Samuel asked. “You watched the movie with Christopher. Why can’t you watch it with me?”

Kathleen sat upright. Her fair face looked tired and angry, but she still appeared exceptionally beautiful. “What did Christopher and I do? Have I ever asked you to do with me the same things you do when you hang out with Nicolette?”

Hearing that, Samuel glanced at her and said, “You’ll regret it.”

“You’re right. I’ll definitely regret it.” Kathleen lowered her gaze and added, “Why should I torture myself by experiencing the sweet moments you spend with another woman?”

Samuel did not want to explain any further.

Besides, Nicolette and he were not considered a sweet couple.

He pulled Kathleen into his arms and hugged her from the back. “Enough. Whenever I start a conversation with you, you always go off-topic. I’ll watch the movie myself, and you can just continue to sleep.”

Kathleen was at a loss for words.

Did I go off-topic? He was the one who brought it up first.

However, she loved to lay in Samuel’s arms.

Back when they didn’t fight, she loved to curl up in his embrace.

To her, Samuel’s chest was forever warm. Furthermore, he had a unique refreshing scent that only mature men had.

Since young, Samuel had been reluctant to get close to others.

Even though he and Kathleen were a normal couple when he first married her, he rarely took the initiative to hug her.

However, Kathleen loved to burrow into his embrace.

He never pushed her away, and eventually, he got used to it.

Samuel had grown accustomed to having Kathleen in his arms, having a sweet and innocent woman by his side, and being the only person that she had eyes for.

Just then, he suddenly thought of Christopher’s words.

Does Kathleen love me only because she got the wrong person and thinks that I’m her savior? If she finds out the truth, will she not hesitate to divorce me?

Although Samuel was watching the movie, his mind was somewhere else.

He couldn’t help but wrap his arms around Kathleen tighter because he hated the feeling of being out of control.

The first time he had the same uneasy feeling was three years ago.

It was a month after he and Kathleen got married.

One time, he saw Kathleen and Christopher chatting happily.

There were guests in the house, and they didn’t know Kathleen was married to Samuel.

However, they knew Kathleen’s relationship with the Macari family, so they jokingly suggested Kathleen and Christopher be a couple. They even mentioned that the two looked like a perfect match.

At that time, Samuel felt slightly insecure and uneasy. However, the feeling vanished that night.

He had forced Kathleen onto the bed and told her to tell him that she loved him.

In that instance, Kathleen was sweet and obedient. She did everything that he asked her to and satisfied his every desire.

Samuel suddenly felt that his strange behavior toward Kathleen was because she always indulged him.

The next day, it was after Kathleen woke up when she realized that Samuel was holding her tight in his arms.

She struggled to break free. “It’s hot. Let go of me.”

Samuel’s body temperature was usually a little on the high side.

Hence, Kathleen liked to hug him in the winter.

Her body was weak, and she was afraid of the cold. Thus, laying in Samuel’s embrace helped her sleep peacefully.

However, she no longer liked it anymore.

Samuel knew that Kathleen was not bothered by the heat and that it was just an excuse to hide the fact she no longer liked his embrace.

This is definitely because of Christopher.

“I’m not hot,” Samuel whispered as he tightened his arms around her.

Kathleen was speechless. “By the way, you haven’t given me the divorce agreement yet. You promised to give it to me.”

“Why are you in such a hurry?” Samuel asked coldly. “If we don’t get a divorce, that piece of paper will be wasted. We have to think about the environment.”

Hearing that, Kathleen was at a loss for words.

What a sly jerk!

“Samuel, you are the CEO of a big company. How can you not keep your promise?” she asked angrily.

It was early in the morning, and she had just woken up, so her voice was alluringly husky.

Hearing that, Samuel’s hands started traveling up and down her body.

Kathleen snorted and said, “Stop it. I don’t want to. You promised me that you won’t have sex with me for this whole month. Samuel, if you continue to break your promises, I’ll be genuinely angry.”

She was not without her temper and limits.

Samuel glanced at her and replied, “I was just touching a little.”

“That is also forbidden.” Kathleen pressed her soft hands against his chest and said seriously, “Samuel, if you don’t end things with Nicolette, I will never be able to accept you. You are already dirty.”

I’m dirty?

Samuel frowned and asked, “How am I dirty?”

“You know the answer to that.” With that, Kathleen sat up and got out of bed.

Meanwhile, Samuel furrowed his brows as he wondered what she meant.

After they finished washing up, they went downstairs together to eat breakfast.

When Wynnie saw Kathleen, she asked concernedly, “Are you feeling better?”

“Yes, I’m feeling much better. My fever is gone,” Kathleen answered with a small smile.

Wynnie looked at Kathleen meaningfully and said, “That’s good.”

“Mm-hm.” After that, Kathleen lowered her head and started to eat.

A while later, Wynnie peeled an egg and handed it to Kathleen. “You should eat more eggs.”

“Thank you, Mom,” Kathleen said with a sweet smile.

Seeing that, Wynnie felt happy. “I’ll ask the chef to cook some salmon for dinner so that you can have some nutrition. You are too skinny.”

When Kathleen heard that she was about to eat fish for dinner, she felt a little nauseous.

At that moment, she realized that she couldn’t bear the thought of eating anything that had a fishy taste.

“Mom, I am craving beef,” Kathleen said softly. “Can we eat beef instead?”

“Of course,” Wynnie said with a smile. “You rarely tell us what you want to eat. Now that you’ve specifically requested it, there is no reason for me to not satisfy your cravings. How does grilled beef steak sound?”

“Good.” Kathleen nodded.

After hearing that, Samuel gave Kathleen a side glance and realized that she was indeed skinnier than before.

Has she not been eating proper meals in the past few days?

After breakfast, Samuel and Wynnie left the house together.

Just when Wynnie was about to get in her car, she called out to Samuel.

Samuel obediently walked up to her and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Samuel, can’t you be nicer to Katie?” Wynnie said angrily. “I don’t know what she’ll think if she finds out what happened last night. However, if she does find out, she will never forgive you. I’ve eaten plenty of meals together with you two and only seen you peel crab for Kathleen once. However, last night, you fed Nicolette cake in public. Don’t you feel ashamed?”

Samuel remained silent.

“At that time, I honestly wanted to smash the cake into your faces and curse at you shameless couple.” As she spoke, her eyes turned red. “Samuel, do you know how furious I am?”

Samuel furrowed his brows. “Mom, Nicolette had just finished her chemotherapy treatment and was too weak to raise her arm.”

“Wow, she was too weak to raise her arm? But she was clearly strong enough to walk on her own!” Wynnie snapped. “She even had the strength to hug you. How is she too weak to raise her arm?”

After hearing that, Samuel didn’t utter a word.

“Samuel, I know you are wondering why I care so deeply for Katie even though you are my son.” Wynnie glanced to the side. “Nicolette’s actions are exactly the same as the woman who seduced your granddad back then. I remember seeing my mother, your granny, secretly crying at night, but she tolerated him for the sake of my sister and I. It hurt my heart deeply to see her suffer so. Don’t do the same to Katie. Otherwise, I will make sure to destroy both you and Nicolette’s reputations!”

After she finished speaking, she turned, got into the car, and drove away.

At that instant, Samuel suddenly thought of his granny.

She was a gentle but resilient woman.

Everyone thought that she would never ask for a divorce.

However, one day, she shocked everyone by suddenly asking for a divorce.