Divorce Anxiety Chapter 40

She says she’ll give me a month to settle matters. But she’s on a date with some other guy the next day? Kathleen… What do you take me for? Samuel mused.

Tyson was standing aside, feeling a bit nervous.

He first saw Kathleen standing together with another man. It was undeniable that Kathleen was gorgeous. She looked like a perfect match with whosoever was standing next to her.

Mrs. Macari is cute and innocent. Why doesn’t Mr. Macari like her?

Meanwhile, Kathleen and Federick had received their entrance tickets. When they were about to enter the hall, a man ran into Kathleen.

She lost her balance and nearly fell. Luckily, Federick wrapped his arm around her waist.

Samuel’s expression turned beyond grim at that moment.

“Are you okay?” When Kathleen was able to stand on her feet, Federick let go of his arm.

“I’m fine.” Kathleen heaved a sigh of relief. She thought she was going to fall and hurt the baby.

“There are a lot of people here today. Be careful,” Federick reminded her.

Kathleen nodded. “I will sit still after entering the hall. I won’t move a single bit.”

Federick smiled. “Good girl.”

At the same time, Samuel walked toward them. His face darkened when he heard Federick’s commend. I know Kathleen is perfect. But she doesn’t need your compliment.

“Ms. Johnson,” Tyson greeted Kathleen.

They’re husband and wife, but they have to hide their relationship from outsiders. Doesn’t Mr. Macari know that this will only make the situation worse and estrange her further from him?

Just then, Kathleen turned slightly. She was stunned when she saw Samuel together with Tyson. “Why are you here?” she asked.

“What about you?” Samuel returned the question.

She’s dressed nicely today, and with her sweet and innocent face, she looks adorable. Ever since she’s here, there have already been a few pairs of eyes pinned on her.

Actually, Federick managed to figure out the relationship between Samuel and Kathleen earlier back then. However, he did not expose them. “Mr. Macari, I was the one who brought Kate here. It’s a conference for families with autistic members.”

Family with autistic members? Is Kathleen one of his family?

This irritated him. Samuel teased, “Mr. Evans, Kathleen doesn’t have any family members with autism.”

Federick understood what he meant. He then replied, “If she is willing to, she can have one.”

Samuel stared at the man coldly. He is only the owner of a publishing firm. How dare he try to go against me?

Kathleen felt uneasy. “Federick?”

Please don’t do anything reckless. Samuel will get offended.

“Mr. Macari, I used to be Kate’s neighbor since we were young. She’s just like a little sister to me.” Federick grinned and added, “When the matter happened, my parents were thinking of adopting Kate since we don’t have any girls in the family. If it weren’t because the Macari family’s wealth is way above average, I think she will never meet with you.”

Samuel narrowed his eyes and became enraged.

To lighten up the atmosphere, Kathleen explained, “Samuel, I just want to know more about the sickness. If you’re busy with your work, don’t mind me. Please go ahead. Bye for now.”

With that, she pulled Federick and headed to the hall.

Unexpectedly, Samuel hugged her from behind and would not let go.

Sweat beaded across her forehead. What is he doing in public?

“I’m interested in that as well. Let’s go take a look,” Samuel said coldly.

Tyson was stunned for a second. “Mr. Macari, what about the business banquet later?”

“I will go over with her after the conference.” Soon after finishing his words, he went into the hall with his arm around Kathleen’s shoulder.

Tyson cast a sidelong glance at Federick and said, “Mr. Evans, just a kind reminder, Ms. Johnson is—”

“You don’t have to say anything. I know it. I just don’t like to see Kathleen feel wronged. I do not have any improper thoughts about her. I treat her like a little sister. If I do have any motives, believe me, Mr. Macari will not have his chance.” Federick spoke gently.

Tyson was dumbfounded. His words make sense. So, Mr. Evans is doing it on purpose to infuriate Mr. Macari? I didn’t expect that! He is gentle but sneaky at the same time.

On the other hand, Samuel led Kathleen into the hall.

Samuel Macari, a genius in the business world. Who was not aware of him? Although his father, Calvin Macari, was a legendary businessman, Samuel had already overdone him.

Immediately after they entered the hall, Kathleen pushed Samuel’s hand away. She whispered, “Mr. Macari, please behave yourself. In public, we are siblings.”

Siblings? Samuel hated that word.

“Mrs. Macari, you better stay by my side obediently. Or I will shut down the publishing firm tomorrow,” Samuel threatened her in a low voice.

Kathleen bit her lips and let out a snort.

Someone went over to greet Samuel and gave Kathleen a side-eyed glance.

“I’m Mr. Macari’s sister, Kathleen Johnson.” She then continued, “Although we don’t share the same family name, we are really siblings.”

Samuel’s mouth twitched a little.

That person was astounded.

“Kathleen is my grandma’s god-granddaughter. We’re not blood-related,” Samuel added.

“We’re not blood-related, but we’re close like a biological sibling, right? Samuel?” Kathleen blinked.

Samuel stared at her coldly. She did that on purpose.

“Ms. Johnson?” A young voice was heard.

Kathleen glanced to the side, wondered, and said, “You’re Mr. Graves, right? We met in the banquet last time.”

“Yes.” Alex smiled and continued, “Ms. Johnson, you still remember me.”

“Of course. Why are you here, Mr. Graves?” Kathleen chuckled.

“I’m a doctor and a specialist for autism,” Alex answered and took out his name tag. He then handed her his name tag.

Such a sweet and adorable lady.

Ever since Calvin introduced them to each other, Alex had fallen for her. But last time, Samuel took her away midway, so they did not even have time to exchange their contact numbers.

“Mr. Graves, that’s impressive.” Kathleen returned his name tag.

Alex seemed about the same age as Samuel, but their auras were totally different.

Alex was a doctor who cared for his patients as much as parents cared for their children. He had always been gentle and attentive.

He dressed formally in a suit with a doctor’s white coat draping over it, making him look stylish.

Samuel felt disdain when he saw Kathleen’s eyes were filled with admiration.

Just a doctor’s white coat could catch her attention?

Samuel lightly coughed and cleared his throat.

Just then, Alex noticed Samuel. “You’re here too, Mr. Macari.”

Samuel shot him a glare.

Alex felt embarrassed. He then said, “I’m sorry. I was excited when I saw Kathleen. Please don’t be angry with me. Why don’t I go to the Macari residence to visit Old Mrs. Macari tomorrow?”

Kathleen didn’t get her chance to speak and heard Samuel reply coldly, “That won’t be necessary. My grandma needs some rest at the moment, and she’d better not be disturbed.”

“Is that so? I see. Next time then.” He then smiled at Kathleen and continued, “Kathleen, why don’t you give me your phone number? So, I can give you a call to know when I can visit Old Mrs. Macari if she is feeling better.”

“Sure!” Kathleen nodded.

Samuel’s face darkened, and the veins on his forehead throbbed.

“The conference is starting soon. Please take a seat.” He then grinned. “Kathleen, I’ll be delivering a speech later.”