Divorce Anxiety Chapter 4

Samuel nodded.

This is unbelievable. Seriously, what a f*cking cruel twist of fate! Kathleen, who played the part of a gentle princess most of the time, cursed internally. Is God playing tricks on me?

“I’m not going to donate to her.” Kathleen bit her lip. “I will never donate my bone marrow to a woman who destroyed my family and stole my husband away.”

Truth was, those actually didn’t matter that much.

What mattered was that she was pregnant with a child, so she couldn’t donate her bone marrow.

However, she couldn’t tell Samuel about that.

If he found out, he would force her to get rid of the baby.

“I’ll do anything you want as long as you agree to be her donor,” Samuel offered generously.

“Even if it means not getting a divorce?” Kathleen muttered with her head lowered.

She didn’t want him to notice the sorrow in her gaze.

Samuel fell silent.

Looks like he can’t let Nicolette go. Even if he agrees to my request, that’s only because he wants to save Nicolette’s life. He’s willing to sacrifice his marriage and happiness for her. What an admirable show of love.

“You shouldn’t get too greedy, Kathleen,” Samuel said. “Even if I did it to save Nicolette’s life, you should know that I don’t love you.”

Kathleen’s face paled.

Those words were like a dagger stabbing through her heart.

It was as if fresh blood was pooling out, and it hurt like never before.

“And what if I insist on keeping this dead love alive?” Kathleen slowly lifted her gaze and revealed her sparkling eyes.

“You won’t get anything from it, then. It doesn’t matter what aspect you’re talking about.”

“It’s the first time I’ve found you so disgusting, Samuel.” Kathleen put down the spoon in her hand. “You said I’m greedy, but aren’t you the same? You want to divorce me so that you can be with Nicolette. Fine, I agreed to that. But don’t you think you’re being too brutal to ask me to save her life now?”

Does he even know how much I love him? How can he be so cruel to torture me like this?

“You can’t have the best of both worlds, Samuel. It’s just like me and you.”

She had loved him for ten years, but that love had only turned into a source of pain to her.

“You’re absolutely avaricious.” Samuel stood up to leave.

Kathleen gave a self-deprecating chuckle and muttered to herself, “That’s right. I’m avaricious. I want everything—I want you, and I want your heart.”

She lost her appetite then.

There was no way she could take another bite.

After getting out of the restaurant, she went to the Macari residence.

Diana had had a stroke a while ago, and her condition had only improved recently.

When Kathleen saw the kind old woman, she couldn’t bring herself to tell her about the divorce.

“Grandma,” she greeted before taking a seat beside the bed.

“Katie, you’re here.” Diana was all smiles at the sight of Kathleen.

Out of everyone in the Macari family, she was the one who liked Kathleen the most.

It wasn’t just Kathleen’s parents who had saved her life, but also Kathleen herself.

Back when Diana had an abrupt stroke attack, Kathleen was the one who had stayed calm and saved her.

Even the doctor had said that if Kathleen hadn’t acted fast, Diana would have already lost her life.

However, only Diana, Kathleen, and the doctor knew about it.

Everyone else was kept in the dark.

Diana took Kathleen’s hand in hers with a sigh. “I never knew that you were well-versed in so many things.”

Kathleen felt embarrassed. “That’s what my family specializes in, Grandma. Even though my parents practiced modern medicine, my granddad was a practitioner of traditional medicine. I only learned a few basics from him. I didn’t think that they would be of any practical use.”

“Relax. I’m not questioning you,” Diana reassured. Her heart ached as she continued, “I just feel that your marriage with Samuel is holding you back. Otherwise, with your talent, you can go as far as you want.”

Kathleen’s eyes began to water. She knew that Diana was the one who understood her most in the entire Macari family.

“You wouldn’t have made so many sacrifices if not for the fact that you loved Samuel so much.” Diana sighed. “It’s unfortunate that he’s an ignorant child. He knows nothing.”

“Don’t tell him about it, Grandma. I don’t want to burden him,” Kathleen begged.

“Okay, I won’t tell him,” Diana promised. “You and Samuel have been married for three years now, Katie. Why isn’t there any news yet?”

Kathleen’s cheeks flushed red. “Grandma, I—”

“Don’t listen to him. Are you really not going to have a child just because he says so?” Diana cut her off. “You should hurry up and have a kid and tie him down so that even if Nicolette comes back, she won’t be a match for you.”

Kathleen was dumbfounded.

Nicolette had already come back.

Even if they had a child, she still wouldn’t be a match for Nicolette.

Samuel was much more ruthless than they thought, and he was completely devoid of emotion.

Kathleen took Diana’s pulse and flashed a smile. “You’ve gotten a lot better, Grandma.”

“That’s good. I’d like to live a few more years so I can see you have a baby, Katie.” Diana smiled amiably and expectantly.

“Of course.”

Kathleen chatted with Diana for a bit longer, then got up to take her leave.

Right when she stepped out of Diana’s room, she bumped into Wynnie Staines, Samuel’s mother.

“Mom,” Kathleen greeted respectfully.

Wynnie was different from most mothers-in-law.

She wasn’t the picky kind, nor was she incredibly welcoming.

Instead, she was standoffish and cold.

Even so, she had never insulted Kathleen in any way, nor had she looked down on her.

Kathleen felt that it was a good thing.

That was why she held Wynnie in high regard.

“Mm.” Wynnie was a sophisticated woman in her forties. She was wearing a professional suit with high heels and was still working hard as a lawyer.

“I’m here to see Grandma,” Kathleen said. She looked as adorable as a little rabbit.

Wynnie, in fact, liked her a lot. She just wasn’t accustomed to expressing herself that much.

That was one thing she had in common with Samuel.

The only difference was that Wynnie liked Kathleen and cared for her a lot.

To her, Kathleen was a delicate young girl who was as pure as snow.

“I brought some crabs home. Let’s have dinner together,” Wynnie said.

One of her clients had given them to her. She didn’t want to accept them at first, but she had done so because she knew that Kathleen liked them.

She had even wanted to call Samuel and get him to bring Kathleen over for dinner. But surprisingly, Kathleen was already there.

It was true that Kathleen really enjoyed eating crabs. In the past, she could eat five all on her own.

On top of that, Samuel would help her with the shells. When she thought about it, she realized that they had shared quite a few intimate moments.

The only thing was that there was no love in them.

Even though she liked crabs very much, she felt absolutely disgusted when she thought of the taste right then.

She immediately turned and dashed into the bathroom before vomiting into the sink.

Wynnie came in and watched as Kathleen washed her mouth with some water from the door.

Kathleen wiped her hands with a towel and said, “My stomach hasn’t been feeling well lately, Mom.”

Wynnie’s eyes darkened. “Did you go for a checkup?”

“I did. The doctor told me to get enough rest.” Kathleen pursed her lips.

Wynnie hesitated for a moment and asked, “Nicolette’s back. Do you know that?”