Divorce Anxiety Chapter 35

Kathleen was slightly startled by the question and started to grip her fair hand tightly.

Meanwhile, Calvin scrutinized her.

In fact, she did not need to answer anymore since her action had already betrayed her.

“Kate, you are ultimately bound to get hurt if you fall in love with someone like Samuel,” Calvin said solemnly. “I’m not just his father; I know him inside out. My son isn’t that honest, and his words sometimes contradict his action. You might have to comply with his requests, which could be unfair to you because love is supposed to be reciprocal. However, Samuel is extremely stubborn. Therefore, the woman who loves him must sacrifice a little more.”

Kathleen nodded. “I understand.”

“My son is born with a silver spoon. Hence, he naturally thinks that if a certain thing belongs to him, he does not need to fight for it or bother with it. Nonetheless, he will only realize how much he cares for it once it slips out of his hands,” Calvin uttered gently. “Perhaps, you should give him some time.”

Kathleen pursed her lips. “How much time should I give him? A day? A week? Or a lifetime?”

“This is for you to speculate.” Calvin’s voice fell to a hush. “I believe you will make your judgment at that time.”

Kathleen lowered her gaze and kept quiet.

She knew Calvin was persuading her to give Samuel another chance.

Why should I give him a chance, though? He and Nicolette had already done that unspeakable act.

Later that evening, Kathleen had changed into an indigo one-shoulder evening gown, making her look elegant.

The indigo gown only made her skin appear fairer than it already was.

Her long supple hair was pulled into a loose bun and was pinned up with a dark blue gemstone hairpin, giving her a beautiful and sophisticated image.

Kathleen had never dressed like that in front of anyone before.

It was her first time.

Calvin was very pleased. “Your mother-in-law instructed someone to deliver this gown to you.”

“No wonder it fits me like a glove.” Kathleen felt a surge of warmth in her heart.

“She wore this gown when we met each other for the first time.” Calvin ruminated over the past.

Kathleen was stunned by the story behind this particular gown.

“Let’s get in the car,” Calvin said.

“Dad.” Samuel stepped out of the company.

“You’ve knocked off from work,” Calvin responded coolly. “I’ll bring Kate to the banquet.”

Samuel’s darkened gaze fell on Kathleen, the look in his eyes unfathomable. “Dad, what would outsiders say if you brought her with you?”

“It’s easy. I could say Kate is the one your grandmother adopted as her granddaughter. Otherwise, I’ll tell everyone that her parents were your grandmother’s saviors. Everybody knows that.” Calvin had long thought of a good explanation.

“How do you plan to explain to people in the future if you assert that your daughter-in-law is Grandma’s adopted granddaughter now?” Samuel spoke in a chilly tone. “I’ll bring her there instead.”

“Isn’t this all your fault? Besides our family, no one else knows Kate is your wife,” Calvin taunted. “That’s fine too. After the divorce gets finalized, Kate will become the legitimate daughter of my family. You better not cause trouble at that time.”

Samuel was rendered speechless.

Why would I cause any trouble?

“If not, why don’t you let Kate decide?” After that, Calvin asked the young lady, “Whose car do you want to get in?”

“Mine.” Samuel grasped Kathleen’s hand.

Nonetheless, Kathleen retracted her hand and muttered, “Mr. Macari, it’s best if we avoid arousing suspicion.”

With that, she got into Calvin’s car.

Gloominess shrouded Samuel’s face.

Calvin shot his son a dubious look. “She said to avoid arousing suspicion, heard that?”

Samuel’s expression turned grim.

Once Calvin boarded the car, he ordered the driver to start driving.

As Calvin glanced at Samuel from the rearview mirror, his lips quirked into a small smile.

During the banquet, people began asking Calvin about Kathleen’s identity when they saw that he had brought her with him.

Calvin let out a chuckle. “Did you guys forget that my mother adopted a granddaughter ten years ago?”

“Oh, I see. So this is the girl.”

“Does that also means she’s a daughter of the Macari family?”

“That’s right.” Calvin grinned. “She’s Kathleen Johnson, my daughter.”

Kathleen was very well-behaved. “Hello, everyone,” she greeted politely.

The crowd nodded in response.

For Calvin to bring this lady here for an eye-opening experience, I highly suspect he wants to find a suitable husband for her.

Although Kathleen was not related to the Macari family by blood, her parents were Diana’s saviors. The latter even adopted her to be her god-grandchild. That would mean she still had a decent status in the family.

Some elders dragged their sons before Kathleen and introduced them to her.

It was undeniable that those elders and their sons seemed pretty reliable.

Although their family backgrounds were not as prominent as the Macari family, they weren’t too shabby either.

Samuel, who stood nearby, was staring at the scene with a chilly gaze.

He could not help but feel uneasy when he noticed Kathleen chatting merrily with other men.

This eye-catching young lady is going to attract people’s attention!

Samuel strode over gracefully. His tone was cold. “I got a few words to say to her.” After that, he grabbed Kathleen’s wrist and left.

They went to a place with no one around.

Kathleen could no longer hold back her anger. “What are you doing, Samuel? You were so rude just now!”

“Do you think those men were being courteous?” Samuel’s face darkened. “Dad too; he clearly knows you’re my wife, but he still introduced those people to you! What’s so good about those men?”

“Are you crazy?” Kathleen fumed. “They don’t know the relationship between us. Right now, we are siblings, get it?”


“Samuel, you reap what you sow. All these are the results of your actions.” Kathleen let out a snort. “No one will ever know we’re husband and wife. For us to carry on as siblings will do.”

Upon saying that, Kathleen was about to leave.

However, Samuel pulled her back and pressed her against the wall. He snarled, “Kathleen, how bold of you to insist we’re siblings instead of a married couple!”

Kathleen bit her lip in frustration. “Samuel, if you dare kiss me again, don’t blame me for betraying you! I’ll let everyone here know about our relationship! Kiss me if you dare!”

Samuel grabbed her chin and kissed her passionately.

He had long wanted to do that to her ever since he saw how beautifully dressed up she was.

How could someone like her be so gentle, cute, alluring, and exquisite all at once? Not only that, she isn’t pretentious, and none of the expressions she portrays is fake.

That was why he did not want anyone to lay their eyes on her all the more.

He also had no clue when he had become obsessed with the woman and could not get enough of her.

Kathleen pounded on the man’s chest with her fists with all her might. “Let go of me! Samuel, you shameless man! Why did you kiss me when you obviously have no feelings toward me? We’re about to get a divorce, but why are you still bullying me? Haven’t I always obeyed your words and acted as Nicolette’s substitute and your anonymous wife for the past three years? I have nothing left, so what else do you want from me?”

Loving this man had caused her to lose too many things.

She wanted to recover them bit by bit, but Samuel had become her hindrance.

“You still have me.” Samuel drew her into his embrace. “No matter what happens, you still have me.”