Divorce Anxiety Chapter 26

The person sent an audio recording to Kathleen.

She clicked into it.

“Samuel, you’re the best. I like you so much.”

“Nicolette, I love you too. You’re so alluring.”

“Samuel, I want to stay together with you forever. I want to be your legitimate wife and have your children.”

“I want to be with you too. I’ll make Kathleen donate her bone marrow to you. I’ve already had it arranged. Don’t worry.”

“Samuel, try harder. Give me more pleasure.”

“Sure. I’ll satisfy you.”


The phone in Kathleen’s hand fell to the floor.

Her face was pale, and her whole body was trembling.

He said everything had been arranged. Does he really plan to force his way through? How can they be so shameless and still think about my bone marrow while making out? How can Samuel be such a jerk?

Kathleen could not believe he was the man she had loved for the past ten years.

Devoting her heart to the wrong person, she had never felt this disgusted.

She calmed herself down and picked up the phone again.

She sent a message to the other party: Who are you?

However, that person already blocked her.

The sole purpose of the sender was to make her listen to the audio recording.

The sender probably did that out of a good intention to inform her of the affair between Samuel and Nicolette.

Or perhaps, that person was Nicolette, showing off to Kathleen.

Regardless of who that person was, Kathleen was disgusted.

Since the sender already blocked her, she would not add that person’s contact too.

She saved the audio recording so that she could use it as evidence in the future.

The next day, Kathleen headed downstairs to eat after she woke up.

Looking at her, Wynnie asked, “Samuel wasn’t home last night, was he?”

Kathleen nodded.

“This kid.” Wynnie was displeased.

“I suppose it’s because of all the work in the company. Besides, the Macari residence is a little far from the company, so he stayed in the condominium,” Kathleen explained.

Wynnie looked at her with an ambiguous gaze.

How long is she going to cover up for Samuel?

“I’ll give him a call later,” said Wynnie.

Kathleen hesitated before replying, “Mom, forget it. He’s really busy recently. It’s time to do the quarterly report again. He won’t maunder in the hospital even if he’s free.”

Samuel was always busy at the end of every quarter.

Kathleen was aware of it, and she had figured out his pattern.

The busier he got, the more intense he made out with her.

Fully refreshed, he would then go to work.

Unfortunately, the person he wanted to make out with had now changed to Nicolette instead of her.

She should probably be thankful to Nicolette, as she was no longer the outlet for him to vent his emotions.

Wynnie pondered for a moment and fell silent.

Did Kathleen think that I was not going to make the phone call after what she said?

Wynnie went straight to the hospital instead.

She walked into Nicolette’s ward.

As expected, Samuel was in there.

Nicolette was acting coquettishly. “Samuel, feed me.”

“Don’t you have hands?” Wynnie crossed her arms. “Might as well chop your hands off if they’re useless.”

“Mom, what are you doing here?” Samuel frowned.

Wynnie looked at him in rage. “You were wearing this outfit yesterday.”

He’s still wearing the same clothes right now. It seems like he indeed spent the night here.

“I’ve just arrived here from the company. I’m planning to get myself changed at home later,” Samuel explained calmly.

He was not lying.

After arguing with Kathleen, he headed straight to the company.

He was occupied with work until seven o’clock in the morning and came to the hospital only after Nicolette called him.

“Samuel, you’re my only son. I’ve been respecting your decision ever since you were young.” Wynnie’s voice was stern. “For twenty-six years, the only thing I’ve interfered with is your relationship with this woman.”

“Mrs. Macari, I know you don’t like me, but…” Nicolette uttered in a low voice.

“Shut up! What right do you have to speak in front of me?” Wynnie interjected coldly.

Aggrieved, Nicolette lowered her head.

She did it on purpose to make Samuel feel sorry for her.

“Nicolette, you don’t have to play any trick. Didn’t you do that just so Samuel would take pity on you?” Wynnie exposed Nicolette. “Let me tell you something too. Since I’ve stopped you two from getting together back then, I’ll keep it the same way! I’d rather Samuel stays single for his whole life than allow you to set foot in the Macari family!”

Nicolette bit her lips.

“Mom, that’s not what Nicolette meant.” Samuel frowned.

“Samuel, I understand women better than you do.” Wynnie said coldly, “Since you’ve decided to be together with her, Kathleen’s destined to get hurt. Kathleen is a pitiful child. Since her parents passed away, there’s no one by her side for her to rely on and seek justice for her. I’ll call the shots for her today. Get a divorce with Kathleen, and stop torturing that poor kid. I’ll convince your grandma.”

With that, Wynnie turned around and left.

Samuel grimaced.

Did Mom come here just to tell me this?

Nicolette was delighted to hear what Wynnie said.

If Wynnie is going to decide on the divorce between them, I can forgive her for scolding me like that just now.

“Samuel, we can finally be openly together.” Nicolette teared up in joy.

Samuel stared at her. “Eat first. I’ll go have a look.”

He did not know why Wynnie suddenly agreed to him divorcing Kathleen.

He turned out to be somewhat not used to it, as he thought everyone in the family was against it.

Thinking about it, he felt like going back to see Kathleen.

Kathleen wanted to return to her room after finishing her meal, but Diana called out to her.

She went up to Diana. “Grandma.”

“Come here. Take a seat.” Diana patted the bedside.

Kathleen walked forward and sat down. She asked softly, “Grandma, are you feeling better?”

“Much better.” Diana held Kathleen’s hands. “Why are your hands so cold?”

“Probably because I’m scantily clad. Grandma, I’ll put on extra layers later. Don’t worry,” replied Kathleen.

Diana looked at the young woman with pity in her eyes and heaved a long sigh. “Katie, Nicolette is back, isn’t she?”

Kathleen froze.

How did Old Mrs. Macari know about it?

“Katie, nothing could be kept secret forever. There are some things that you can’t hide from me.” Diana spoke faintly, “Back then, Nicolette’s mother was a vixen who muddled things up in Jadeborough, and so many people had hated her. Everyone’s also aware of what kind of person Nicolette is, so I knew it once she’s back.”

Kathleen pursed her lips. “Grandma, I’m not hiding it from you on purpose.”

“I understand. You’re thoughtful and afraid that I might pass out again.” Diana sighed. “But I’ve made you suffer.”

Kathleen cried easily. Hearing what Diana said, she burst into tears at once.

She was aware that everyone doted on her, which was why she did not want to cause any unnecessary trouble.

Diana’s heart ached when she saw Kathleen crying. “Katie, I was foolish. I thought you’d be happy after getting married to Samuel. However, I found that you’re actually suffering in the Macari family by marrying Samuel. I was the one who forbade Samuel from marrying Nicolette and also the one who forced you into marrying him. You keep quiet even when you feel wronged because you don’t want me to worry. I’ve promised your parents to make you happy. Now that you’re not, I feel extremely guilty.”

“Grandma, don’t put it this way,” Kathleen said with her reddened eyes, “You dote on me and want me to officially become one of the Macari family so that everyone will dote on me and love me. I know too well about that.”

Diana patted her head. “How can you be so sensible?”

Kathleen was crying.

“Katie, I won’t be selfish anymore. I agree to the divorce between you and Samuel,” Diana stated solemnly.