Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 5

Scarlett’s POV:

I looked at myself in the mirror.I wore a long white evening dress, a pair of Prada high-heeled shoes, and a pair of pearl stud earrings.I tied my hair up into a tight, clean bun.

But I still thought that there was something missing.

Then I put on my black choker necklace with the small turquoise on it and smiled.

My father gave it as a gift to my mother, and my mother handed it down to me.

“Are you done? Come on, Scarlett, let me see.Can’t you raise your phone so that I can see you?”

Tiana and I were on video call while I was getting dressed.

While I got ready for the party, she was protesting loudly on the other end of the line.

“I only have two hands, Tiana.Calm down.I’m almost done.”

At last, I put on my favorite pink lipstick and pouted my lips to check the color.

“Turn around.Let me have a look.”

I looked at myself in the mirror and still felt uneasy.

I picked up my phone and angled the front camera toward myself.

Tiana covered her mouth and stopped moving.

The picture had frozen.Was it because of a bad signal?

“Tiana, are you still there?”

“Oh, my God, girl! You look absolutely stunning! Oh, Charles is going to be stupefied by how gorgeous you look tonight! In fact, all the men at the party will be stupefied!”

“Mrs.Moore, if we don’t set out now, we’ll have to take the helicopter,”

Burton, the driver, called at me from the driveway.

“Thanks for the over-the-top compliment per usual, Tiana.I have to go.I’m already running late.”

Then, I hung up.I lifted my dress and went downstairs carefully.

“You look beautiful, Mrs.Moore.You’ll be a sensation at the party tonight.” Burton opened the door for me.

“Thank you, Burton.Let’s go.” I was not that much into attending formal events, but I was looking forward to this party.

“Will we make it?”

“We will, Mrs.Moore.Trust me.”

After saying that, Burton stepped on the accelerator and drove toward the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

Before I knew it, I was at the hotel’s drop-off area.

I got off the car and felt the cold evening wind on my arms and face.

Fortunately, it should be warm indoors.

I entered the banquet hall, and many heads turned toward my direction.

All the attention made me feel a little tense and wonder if I had somehow gone overboard with my outfit.

“Scarlett! You’re finally here.”

I heaved a sigh of relief as Christine approached me.

“Hi, Grandma.Sorry I’m late.”

“Our little princess is finally here.”

I beamed as Alice and her husband Lawrence also walked toward me.

“Dad, mom.Oh, I’m so glad to see you both.I deeply apologize for arriving late.”

“Don’t worry about it, dear.The best is always the last one to show up anyway,”

Alice assured me with a smile.

At this time, many people in the banquet hall had taken notice of me.

One of them was a young man who waved at me and smiled.